A few things you might want to know about
us, and about our woodstoves

We believe in clean wood heat!
• There’s no sense in creating smoke around your house or in your neighborhood if you don’t have to.

• Everyone has to work together to keep our air quality up.  If you really don’t care about how much smoke your stove produces, then our stoves may not be for you.

• Why not convert everything that can be burned into heat?  Another way of looking at emissions, is that emissions are unburned fuel and a lost opportunity.

• The woodstove industry is fighting the EPA over the new 2020 emissions standard, claiming that it is too strict.  For the last 20 years,  our stoves have met the clean air standard the EPA has proposed for 5 years from now (2020)!

• The proposed standard for 2020 is 2.5 g/hour of particulate emissions.  Here’s how our stoves stack up:
Absolute Steel Hybrid:  0.5 g/hr emission
Ideal Steel Hybrid:        1.0 g/hr emissions

Progress Hybrid:           1.3 g/hr emissions
Fireview Catalytic:       1.4 g/hr emissions
Palladian Catalytic:      1.9 g/hr emissions
Keystone Catalytic:      1.9 g/hr emissions

Efficiency is a big deal for us.  A very big deal.
• A more efficient woodstove produces more heat per pound of wood, or burns less wood, or both

• A more efficient woodstove means less work for you - less  splitting, stacking, and loading.

• We only make catalytic and hybrid stoves because they are the most efficient designs.  Hybrid stoves have both secondary combustion and a catalytic combustor.  Stoves that have secondary combustion only (usually called “non-catalytic stoves”) cannot burn efficiently and cleanly at low outputs and at very high outputs.  

Our new focus:  Affordability
• Our New Absolute Steel Hybrid and our Award-winning Ideal Steel Hybrid are two of the only, high performance stoves with moderate price tags.

• The Ideal Steel Hybrid can be customized with custom cut sides, andirons, and top burners.  We take advantage of our laser and waterjet cutting equipment and our in-house artists to make customization affordable.  Click here to see our Ideal Steel Design book.

Our 6 Month Money-Back Guarantee is the best in the business
Most of our sales are generated by “word-of-mouth,” customers talking about their Woodstock stoves with their friends, neighbors, and relatives. We want and need you to be satisfied with your woodstove and we do everything we possibly can to be sure you are happy.

That includes giving you this simple promise (that just happens to be the best in the business): If you are not completely satisfied, let us know within six months of the time you receive your stove and we will buy it back for the full amount that you paid for it. AND we’ll pay for return shipping, too!

Au Naturel Front
Choose from Several Designs
(Wildwood shown above)
HxWxD: 33.25"x30"x27.25"
•Ultra Low 0.5 g/hr emissions
• HxWxD: 35.5"x30.5"x25"
• Max Heat Output: 80,000 BTUs/hr
• Area Heated:up to 2,200 sq ft.

Ideal Steel Hybrid
charcoalmoss• HxWxD: 30.5-35.5"x29.5"x27.5"
• Max Heat Output:
65,000 BTUs/hr
• Area Heated: up to 2,200 sq ft.

Fireview Catalytic


 •HxWxD: 28"x26"x20"
• Max Heat Output: 55,000 BTUs/hr
• Area Heated:up to 1,600 sq ft.

Keystone Catalytic

• HxWxD: 28"x25"x20"
• Max Heat Output: 45,000
• Area Heated: up to 1,300 sq.ft.

Palladian Catalytic

• HxWxD: 28"x25"x20"
• Max Heat Output: 45,000
• Area Heated: up to 1,300 sq.ft.