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Absolute Steel Hybrid Wood Stove

Absolute Steel Hybrid Wood Stove
Absolute Steel Hybrid Wood Stove
Absolute Steel Hybrid Wood Stove
Absolute Steel Hybrid Wood Stove
Absolute Steel Hybrid Wood Stove
List Price $3,040.00
  • Weight: 490.00lbs

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Ultra Low 0.50 gm/hr Emissions

An affordable, high-performance, hybrid wood stove, with emissions of just 0.5 gm/hr! Plus, choose from 7 different styles of the Absolute Steel Hybrid.

The Absolute Steel Hybrid Wood Stove is an affordable medium sized wood stove (2.45 cubic foot firebox) with a hybrid combustion system that produces ultra-low emissions, high efficiency, and unmatched fire viewing pleasure through a large, clean front window.

The fire viewing is completely different than an ordinary woodstove or fireplace, because the stove can burn both wood and exhaust gasses in the firebox at the same time. This produces flames at both the bottom and top of the firebox with exceptional intensity, color, and composition. Beware... you will likely find watching the fire much more interesting than anything on TV.

The Absolute Steel Wood Stove is the next step for us in our quest for a Zero Emissions Woodstove. This stove has both a secondary combustion system and a catalytic combustor to burn any gasses and volatiles that get beyond the firebox. New on this model are two small automatic dampers that increase the air supply and mixing upstream of the catalyst at very high burns and/or high temperatures, insuring complete combustion across all burn rates. Lowering emissions is an environmental imperative to which we are committed.

A variety of options are available to make installation easier: 6” flue, top or rear vent, right or left door (when facing the stove), close clearance rear and bottom heat shields. The Absolute Steel Hybrid Wood Stove is also available in different styles!

The Inside of the Absolute Steel

wood stove is shown in the above cutaway. Most of the “plumbing” is in the back and the top, keeping the sides free for easy left or right loading. The catalyst is easily accessible under the lift top, and can be removed without any tools! The back has a built-in outside air adapter, and the damper control is axial to minimize air leakage around the adapter. There are no air intakes that are not protected by the outside air adapter, so the wood stove can be isolated from negative house pressure. Also noteworthy on this model is automatic catalyst air, so that the catalyst cannot become oxygen starved at high burn rates.


        Standard Height Stoves

  • Footprint: 25" W x 20" D 

  • Overall HxWxD: 33.25" x 30" x 27.5" 
(includes ash lip, skirting & controls)

  • Rear Flue Height (Center): 28"
  • Weight: 490 lbs.


        High Style Stoves

  • Footprint: 25.5" W x 21.125" D 

  • Overall HxWxD: 45.5"x 27" x 25.125" 
(includes ash lip, skirting & controls)

  • Rear Flue Height (Center): 40.625"

  • Weight: 530 lbs.


        All Styles:

Firebox Size: 2.45 Cu. ft.

  • Wood Length (Maximum): 20"

  • Door Opening: 12"W x 10"H

  • Loading Door: Choose Right or Left

  • Firebox Liner: Soapstone

  • Draft Control: Manual (one lever)
  • Window Size (viewable): 14.5"H x 13"W

        All Styles Continued

  • Ash Pan: Standard

  • Outside Air Adapter: Standard

  • Flue Exit: Top or Back

  • Flue Size: 6" 

  • Area Heated: up to 1,800 sq.ft. 

  • BTU Output: 10,000-48,000/hr (per EPA tests)

  • Burn Time: 10-14 hrs

  • 2020 EPA Efficiency: 77%  HHV
  • Combustion System: Hybrid (Catalyst & Secondary Air)

  • EPA Emissions: 0.5 grams/hr (EPA Crib)

  • Catalyst: Standard 2100 Degree Stainless Foil 

  • Easy Catalyst Access: Just Lift the Top Lid!

  • Bottom Heat Shield: Standard

  • Rear Heat Shield: Optional 

  • Stove Rear Clearance (No Protection): 14"

  • Stove Rear Clearance (w/ Heat Shield): 8.5"

  • Stove Side Clearance (No protection): 26"
  • Non-Door Side Clearance (w/ Heat Shield): 16" 

  • Non-Door Side Corner Clearance: 13"

  • Door Side Corner Clearance: 18"

  • Mobile Home Approved





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