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Fireview Classic Model 201 Parts

The basic baffle kit includes the gasket, cement, and hardware required to install it...
Now manufactured out of a more durable stainless steel, the rectangular combustor is used for all Classics manufactured since 1985. The combustor measures 8.45" X 3.6875" and has 50 cells per square inch. The combustor comes wrapped in 2" gasket. Opening the top lid of the Class..
Kit includes:      K-532       combustor      W-101a     Baffle      W-301      Expanded metal screen      W-1609a  10 ft .312 - 5/16th ..
Classic 200 & Fireview 201 Pivot Plate (bypass door)..
The knob and latch kit includes the fancy knob, inner latch, hardware, and a spreader tool for installation. Specify the color needed to match the existing cast iron color of your stove...
Order the top stone gasket kit and top lid gasket kit when ordering the a new top...
The top stone gasket kit comes with 8’ of 0.187” (3/16”) heat treated gasket and a bottle of gasket glue. The top stone gasket kit is used on both the Fireview Model 201 and Model 205, as well at the Classic 200...
The top support is made from either cast iron of steel...
There are twp pieces on the Fireview and Classic models. Price is for 1 piece.  We recommend replacing the top stone gasket at the time of stone replacement. Soapstone is a naturally quarried stone, marbling and coloration will vary.  ..
This is a 6" round steel combustor. W-533-SS is used in the Survival Hybrid Model 212 and in pre-1990 Palladian 102 and pre-1985 Classics. The EPA warranty on catalytic combustor failure covers free replacement for the first three years from the date of stove shipment. Years 4-6 have a pr..
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