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Keystone 204 Customer Comments



“My husband and I have been meaning to write to say how VERY pleased we are with our new Keystone stove. We installed it this summer, and it has worked beautifully to keep our cabin warm. The heat is wonderfully even -- gone are the days of repeated cycles of hot and cold. It’s also a delight to find embers in the morning and be able to have a lively fire going so quickly. The controls are very easy to manipulate, and side loading is convenient and tidy. And, on top of all that, the stove is simply beautiful. We're extremely pleased.”

—Barb & Ger T., WA



“Again can’t tell you how much we enjoy the stove and again last year it was used extensively as our source of heat within the house. Our backup heat is propane and we went a whole year from July to July on one fill in our 500 gallon tank. Cost for the year was $80.00 for propane. Before becoming a wood burner I often heard that wood heat felt better, now I have to agree. During the short cold days of the winter, the wife and I look forward to getting home from work and getting the Keystone going.”

—Ed & Chris H., IA



“Just a quick note to tell you how much we have enjoyed our Keystone stove these nearly three years. We have used it for special times, Oklahoma's cold, windy winter, and even cooked on it when the need arose.”

—Ben & Karen R., OK



“Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my Keystone wood stove! It far exceeds my expectations! I ordered it for my new 2100 sq ft home as a supplement to my heat pump, only to discover that it can independently heat the entire house on it's own! Of course there was that ‘period of adjustment’ when I had to learn best how to operate it, but we are well on our way together.”

—Barbara P., IN



“I have attached pictures from setup to start-up. Like dealing with your great sales and technical staff, setting up my Keystone was a pleasure. This product is so well made! It made me happy to see that such workmanship was still happening in the USA. It must be that Yankee pride so prevalent in New England, especially in the Connecticut River Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire.

The stove performs better than expected, is so easy to attend to. It's beautiful to look at and mesmerizing to watch the flames dance in. Everything about this stove feels high quality. I shall enthusiastically recommend your stoves to everyone.

It is wonderful to wake in the morning to a still cozy stove, and in less time than it takes to make the coffee, the stove is attended to and refueled for the next 8-10 hours. Compared to my prior stove, I have an extra 30 to 45 minutes a day to nap, read, or attend to other business. That's a significant gift! And it lasts all winter, not just around Christmas.”

—Gerald & Barbara C., NH



“Pleasant experience start to finish. Good price, great service—even after the installation! Worth the trip to NH to see the company. It keeps our home comfy warm even at 5 degrees and lower outside.”

—Peggy B., PA



“My first fire went beautifully following your directions of starting small and getting the draft going. A few logs, and it’s still warm in the morning. It is a very subtle heat, and does keep the furnace from running. Thanks!”

—Barbara S., CA



“My first winter with the stove has been most toasty. I am glad to say. During the ice storm of this year—my Keystone kept the house quite warm—and as you can see—kept our bellies full! I made these stove top pizzas right on the Keystone! Everything was defrosting in my freezer—so out came the dough and a few essentials—onto the stove for 20 minutes and voila—pizza for everyone! Thanks for making a terrific product—it is not only warm—but beautiful.”

—Lynn S., NH



“Just a quick note to tell you how much we have enjoyed our Keystone Stove these nearly three years. We have used it for special times, Oklahoma's cold, windy winter, and even cooked on it when the need arose.”

—Ben & Karen R., OK



“We can not tell you enough how extremely happy we are with our wood stove. Everything that was said about the stove is true. It has cut our electric bill tremendously. We enjoy having a fire, not only for the warmth, but for the relaxing atmosphere it provides. My favorite thing about the stove is the ash pan. Growing up with a traditional wood stove and having to scoop the ashes out into a bucket made a tremendous mess. This is just so easy, I think every time I take them out I comment on how nice it is. It is truly amazing how well it works and how beautiful it is!”

—Doug & Linda C., NY


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