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Mini Franklin 208 Customer Comments


“It’s a beautiful piece of workmanship combined with a practical source of heat. We installed it in our sunroom so we can use it year round.”

—Susan P., NH



“It keeps me cozy all winter as I work on my weaving & carving. Everyone who sees it loves it. It adds warmth in more ways than one -- there is nothing like a corner with a cheery fire for a chat over hot cocoa or tea.”

—Barbara P., NC



“We have loved the Mini Franklin soapstone gas stove. It was just perfect for my mom who lived alone (at age 92) and was concerned about a power outage and wanted the comfort of a convenient ‘fire.’”

—Julie T., ME



“We have been enjoying our Mini Franklin very much this winter; it keeps our bedroom nice and toasty!”

—Chris F., NY



“We have been running the stove 24 hours a day and have had no problems or issues even through windstorms of 50 mph. Provides a very cozy atmosphere in our living room.”

—Sandra P., ME



“I am glad that you don’t have an automated answering service. In this age speaking with a live person is rare. Usually when I call other companies for customer service I get no service.”

—Jim M., NJ


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