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The Ideal Steel 210 bypass rod assembly includes the inner rod, outer handle, and set screw...
The Ideal Steel Hybrid 210 Catalytic Combustor is made of a durable stainless steel substrate. The catalytic coating gives the combustor a mottled appearance. The Ideal Steel Hybrid combustor comes with a stainless steel flange that for a seal to the gasket below. The EPA warranty on catalytic co..
The Ideal Steel Hybrid 210 Sled Assembly includes the under combustor gasket already installed...
The Ideal Steel Hybrid 210 Under Combustor Gasket Kit comes with 4’ of 3/4” x 1/4” Flat Knit Gasket and a ½ tube of furnace cement...
AWARD-WINNING WOOD STOVE The Ideal Steel Hybrid Wood Stove was developed in 2013 as Woodstock Soapstone Company’s entry in the Woodstove Design Challenge. The Design Challenge had 14 finalists from 5 countries competing for a $25,000 grand prize awarded for the best overall performance in 5..
The W-269 Keystone 204 Glass Retainer is made from either steel or cast iron and will inculde new hardware. The glass retainer secures the two panes of ceramic glass, and the W-270 andiron bolts pass through the retainer...
The W-270 Keystone Andirons are made from either steel or cast iron and will inculde new hardware. The andirons keep wood from rolling into the glass and will help maintain the airflow from the airwash down to the coal bed...
The W-253K Bypass Cover Kit comes with the bypass cover, two 5/16"-18 x 3/4" bolts and anti-seize. The W-253 Bypass Cover is used in the Fireview Model 205, Keystone Model 204, and Palladian Model 202. The bypass cover is found under the top lid of the Fireview or through the top or ..
The bypass frame kit includes a bypass frame fabricated from either steel or cast iron, 1/2” graphite rope gasket, a bottle of gasket glue, and hardware. The bypass frame kit forms a seal with the bypass cover (W-253). We recommend checking the W-253 bypass cover when ordering the W-250 byp..
The Keystone 204 – Palladian 202 bypass gasket kit includes 3 feet of .500” graphite fiberglass rope gasket, and a bottle of gasket glue. The bypass gasket seal is critical to the performance of the catalytic combustor. When the bypass cover, part W-253, is closed, it seals to this ga..
The Keystone 204 – Palladian 202 bypass lift guide comes with (2) 5/16 bolts.  The lift guide bolts to the top of the W-253 bypass cover, and the W-263 u-bolt feeds through the lift guide...
The K-531-SS Catalytic Combustor is designed to fit the Keystone 204 and Palladian 202. The stainless steel combustor is an upgrade from the ceramic substrate and is a more durable material than the ceramic. Regardless of the substrate material, the catalyst has the same washcoat of Platinum and ..
The Keystone 204 – Palladian 202 complete combustor pan kit comes preassembled, and includes the W-245 Combustor Pan, K-805 Scoop Kit, W-253 Bypass Cover, W-250 Bypass Frame, W-264 Bypass Retainers, W-251 & W-252 top brackets, gaskets, gasket glue, furnace cement, and hardware...
The knob and latch kit includes the exterior knob, inner latch, and hardware. Specify the color needed to match the existing cast iron color of your stove...
This kit provides all the materials needed for the general maintenance of a Keystone 204 or Palladian 202 wood stove. Included are all the gaskets for the side door, ash door, under the bypass door, under the combustor, under both flue covers, and around both panels of glass. Also included is a bott..
The K-805 stainless steel scoop kit for the Keystone 204 – Palladian 202 includes the stainless steel plate and incoloy screen assembly, two scoop posts, two cotter pins, and two 5/16-18 nuts.  NOTE: The K-805 scoop kit eliminates the need for the original W-247 and W-248 supports, the..
The Keystone 204 – Palladian 202 U-bolt comes with (2) 5/16 nuts, one for tension adjustment, and the other to lock the adjustment.  The U-bolt feeds through the W-254 lift guide, and aides in the lifting and lowering of the W-253 bypass cover. The U-bolt also applies tension to the to..
The Keystone 204 – Palladian 202 under combustor gasket kit includes 3 feet of .250” white fiberglass rope gasket, and a bottle of gasket glue. The under combustor seal is critical to the performance of the catalytic combustor. This gasket seal is responsible for keeping the smoke fro..
WHAT MAKES THE KEYSTONE STANDOUT? Large viewing window Beauty & warmth of the double layer soapstone construction Choice of top or rear venting Built in ash pan is convenient and neat Easily burn 8-10 hours or more Produces up to 45,000 BTU’s hour Comfortably heat up to ..
Yes, it really is only 17 inches tall and it weighs just 72 pounds! And yes, it produces a lot of radiant heat, especially for its size. People who saw the first, experimental versions of the Mini Franklin gas heater thought they were toys or a scaled-down version of bigger stoves. But when they ..
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