New Stove Design Preview
Our Absolute Steel Hybrid is now in production.
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Form & Function! As a wood stove manufacturer it has always been important for us to produce stoves that will perform year after year to keep you warm, as well as compliment the home. The wood stove is often a central fixture and the majority of our customers want a design that will look good all year round. As part of our Beta testing process we are presenting a few designs with varying styles. Our goal is to offer a stove that is versatile; tall or short legs, ash pan or no ash pan, right or left loading door option, as well as top or back venting. Going one step further we would like to offer a basic version without the Franklin style wings for those who prefer a clean look, as well as several embellished options. Please take a look through our current designs and fill out our design survey to let us know what you like and don't like about our proposed designs...and if you have other design suggestions, don't be shy, let us know!

Prairie Style

The Prairie Style stove incorporates the strong lines most people associate with Prairie Style. Hinges and wings are hammered metal, and the design motif features a highly stylized sheaf of wheat.

Prairie Top
Screen shot 2015 11 20 at 9.56.37 AM

Prairie Hinge

 Prairie beta 1
Au Naturel

We couldn't resist designing a free-form front, top and set of hinges. If you love trees, enjoy the irony of having one on the outside of your woodstove, as well as on the inside.

 Au Naturel Top
Au Naturel Top Au Naturel Hinges
Deciduous Tree Hinges Cut File


Au Natural


Every picture tells a story. This design combines elements that are popular with many of our customer and employees: the outdoors, nature, hunting, and cottage style.

 Cottage Top
Forest Top

Cottage Beta
Arts & Crafts

The Arts & Crafts period is perhaps best known for the beautiful textile designs of William Morris. Hat tip to the influential Arts & Crafts designer CFA Voysey for inspiring this design of flowing lines and nesting birds.


 Arts & Crafts Top
Screen shot 2015 11 20 at 10.35.08 AM

 Arts & Crafts Hinges
Arts Crafts hinges


arts crafts beta

  Tall Shaker
A sturdy, functional presentation with simple clean lines and an elevated firebox (convenient for those of us who are getting older!). A tall, elegant, minimalist stove. Tall Shaker 
We constantly strive to do something new with stove design. Pedestal stoves are common in the industry, and we know some people love them. We could make a pedestal version if there is enough interest. Capture PEDESTAL