We receive a large number of pallets from material suppliers every month.  For example, our sheet metal arrives on 5' x 8' pallets with lots of good 1 x 4's and 2 x 4's.  Since we crate our stoves in wood, using primarily 1 x 4's and 2 x 4's, it makes no sense to take used pallets to the landfill and then buy lumber for crating (especially with the elevated cost of new lumber today!).

To solve the problem we used our design and fabrication capabilities to make a "pallet buster". We use 40,000 pounds of hydraulic pressure to pry the slats off the runners on pallets, and then shoot the nails out using a "reverse nail-gun."  We use the good 2x4's and 1x4's in the construction of our own wood and gas stove pallets.

Any wood deemed unusable for crating is cut up to make dry, nail-free kindling, which we give away to local wood stove users for free.

Finally... the pallet buster is fun to use, and it is especially gratifying to make something useful from material that would otherwise be "solid waste!"

Below is a stove fully crated for freight shipment. The crate is made from a combination of new wood and recycled pallets.