This is a fabulous time-lapse video one of our customers made of their stove installation.  The installation was truly a family affair; everyone chipped in to make a tripod hoist, hook up the stove pipe and connect an outside air system.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

We are a factory-direct company and we ship our wood and gas stoves all over the country (to every state, even the hot ones), and to numerous foreign countries. Our furthest wood stove shipment to date is Kathmandu, Nepal - 7,300 miles away!  Many of our regional customers choose to pick up their stoves directly from our West Lebanon, NH factory, and take a tour the factory while they are here to see how their stove was made.  (A future post will show our new fiber-optic laser cutter, and our new laser welder!  Yes, we are welding steel with light!) For factory pick-up customers, the stove is secured to a pallet, weather wrapped with rust preventing material, and then loaded onto their vehicle using a forklift.

Most of our customers are unable to pick up directly from our factory and instead receive a fully crated stove shipped from one of our trusted freight carriers. Stove shipments can be delivered to the nearest freight terminal or to a commercial business location for pick-up. Some customers opt to pay a bit more for a residential delivery via a lift gate truck.

The picture below shows a fully crated stove that had been delivered to the customer's work place, loaded onto their truck, strapped down and headed home.