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December & January STEAL:
Dear Winter & Rosette Sun

Uh-oh, we did it AGAIN! With an extremely busy wrap-up to our 2018 season, we lost track of posting our December Steal of the Month. That said, this month’s selection offers you two very different design motifs: December and January together, your pick! It's a totally Ideal situation!

December’s Steal ," Dear Winter"(for all of you snow lovers out there), conveys the peacefulness a storm can bring to the ever darkening days, along with the tranquility only a forest place can bring. If you totally enjoy the inner nesting that Winter offers-up, this could be the design for you.

Wintertime also means shorter days with less light. Our January Steal, “Rosette Sun” (a symbol of the sun and rebirth), gives a reminder that days are getting longer and there will be more light on the way.  In the meantime, a “kind” burning fire can be as comforting as warm sunshine in your home.

Both Steal of the Month choices come with The Works (soapstone firebox liner, exterior soapstone side panels, an ash pan, and of course artwork)! Buy one now and have it in your home this winter. You will love it! We guarantee it.

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December Design
CLA024- Dear Winter

WSC December 2018 ISotM

Includes Free Snow Flake tool hanger & 3 piece tool set!

Snowflake hanger

Snowflake poker

January 2019 Design
ORN012- Rosette Sun

WSC January 2019 ISotM
Includes Free Snow Flake tool hanger & 3 piece tool set!

February 2018 hanger

Jan poker

SOTM pricing

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