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Ideal Steel Hybrid Owner Testimonials

"I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my IDEAL STEEL HYBRID STOVE."Guazzo Ideal

It works wonderful and is a piece of art  at the same time.
thanks very much for a wonderful product.

Again thanks very much for a wonderful product,
Bill Guazzo, MA

"The adaptation of my daughters artwork was perfect"

Just received my ideal steel woodstove, and as a professional welder/fabricator for the past 30 years, I have to say the craftsmanship is excellent. The ordering process was simple and the adaptation of my daughters artwork was perfect. Beautiful stove, can't wait for winter! Thank you to the whole crew.    -Rod Conrad, WA

Conrad customart

"Our natural gas usage this year is about half compared to last year"

We installed the Ideal Steel last August. Despite the brutally cold winter in central New York this year, our natural gas usage this year is about half compared to last year. Its a great stove.

Kimberly Sweetser, NY

 "The Ideal Steel Hybrid lives up to the hype and the service after the sale has been awesome." 

Installed our new Ideal Steel wood stove last weekend--super pleased with it. Loaded it up and 13 hours later it still had a full bed of coals and half a log still burning. Loaded it up again and decided to see just how long it would take completely burn--two days later the coals had finally reduced to ash. The Ideal Steel Hybrid lives up to the hype and the service after the sale has been awesome. I highly recommend Woodstock Soapstone Company!

Dan Boone, VT

 "The stove is amazing!"   Koehler Ideal

Quite the journey for the stove from new Hampshire to NW Ontario.   It held a fire all night, now I might get more than 3 hours of sleep in the winter when we go.  Amazing.  We had to do some creative things to get it into camp, but all went well.  Thanks again for everything.

Patrick and Bethany Koehler, MN

"This stove gets FIVE stars."
Here about 40 miles south of Lake Superior, winter is not here yet but we have had one snow. The stove is unreal. It gets to 250 degrees very fast, and our loft area is almost always over 75 degrees. The extra notch on door lock to hold the door open for air to the fire, is GREAT. Been burning wood for over 40 years, ( I'm 81 ), and that is one great idea.

Also is the stove eating ashes? I only dumped ashes once, because I wanted to try it. I have had the stove about 2 weeks. Where ar
e the ashes going.

This stove gets FIVE stars. Last year, for the first time in 35 years, I burned all my wood. I have no worries this year.

Paul Lehmkuhl, WI

"This is crazy great performance" wife and I love this stove.

In no particular order, I love:
The ease of North/South loading into a large firebox through a large door.
The smooth and easy moving intake air lever with volume gauge on ash lip.
The well thought out ash pan
The fact that the stove door and cat engage handles don’t get real hot if you forget to reach for the stove gloves before reaching for the handle.
The incredibly steady stove top temperatures and long lasting heat output of this stove. 400-550 for 4 hours, 300-375 for another 4 hours, and 200-275 for another 4-6 hours? This is crazy great performance. Crazy Great!

And Kim loves walking bare foot in our kitchen at the back of the house on warm floors. Our house has never been warmer.

So, we are completely happy customers and we want to thank you and all at Woodstock for providing such a beautifully designed woodstove.

Joe Lavetsky, NY

"Twice as much heat & Twice the burn time!"

Thought I’d just send you a note saying how fantastic the steel hybrid performs. It is classy, logically designed, and amazingly efficient. In just the few weeks we’ve been heating with it I bet we are getting twice the heat and twice the burn time over our old device.
We may cut our wood consumption almost in half. We love hanging around in just a light shirt when we wore layers in the past. So we may be heat hogs and let this stove keep us toasty and maybe just toss that extra log on.

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic stove at a fantastic value.

C.Fletcher, NH

"Simple to operate."

The stove is very simple to operate. I really like the design & looks, also love the large window and being able to see the flames. Looks nice in our log home.

John Humphrey, MO

"Great look & efficient heating!"
The person who installed my stove said it was the best stove he had ever installed. I love the stove, it has both great look & efficient heating for a whole house.

Steve Paschall, NC

Progress Hybrid Owner Testimonials

"I highly, and without reservation, recommend the Progress Hybrid for anyone with a large home"
This extremely efficient, easily used stove is further enhanced by its great beauty and the gorgeous large clear view of the remarkable and very different fire.  The smoke flames may be whirling hurricane-like flames near the secondary air burn area, catalytic smoke flames arising from the bottom of the stove and dancing throughout the firebox, or (often) a combination of both.  With our damper completely closed, we get only these flames for the first hour or so, then a very small flame, clear burn that maintains a steady stovetop temperature during the entire burn.

L.W.  Ontario, Canada

"The amount of time that can go between refills is staggering"
This stove, simply put, is an engineering marvel. I now burn 50% less wood, my 2500 sq. ft. house is warmer due to the higher BTU output, and the heat is very even. I was never able to achieve any of this with my previous wood stove the Jolul Oslo (aka boat anchor).
As a testament to the efficiency of this stove, I have only emptied the ash pan twice in 30 days. This stove is so amazing and trouble free that my faith in wood heat has been renewed once again. It shouldn't be difficult to heat with wood, and with the Progress Hybrid you have made it a joy.

Jeff North,  NH

"What a fabulous product!"
Highest kudos for engineering and building such a functional beauty. To have such an efficient stove work perfectly for utter wood-heating newbies from day one is really special.

Lydia Cassilly, AR

"The Progress Hybrid is everything it claims to be and more."
We love our newest Woodstock Soapstone. It is so incredibly efficient and burns exceptionally clean. The Progress Hybrid is everything it claims to be and more. The top vent allowed us more space in our great room. It is gorgeous!
Our old Woodstock stove will be put to use in the barn. Thanks for a wonderful product!

Melanie & Eddie Ostberg, NY

"What a machine!"
Management and workers at Woodstock Stoves,
What a machine the new hybrid stove is!  We replaced a 10 year old keystone in our great room this weekend and are toasty today. Wow. Good work.  You can solve the entire country's dependence on oil.
The old keystone is being moved to our new oyster hatchery.  She kept us healthy for a long time.

Michael Osinski
Widows Hole Oyster Company
Greenport, NY

"Honestly I can’t think of anything to improve on."
Excellent customer service, very knowledgeable staff. Terrific feedback, Thank you Penny for helping with soapstone, it's beautiful. Honestly I can’t think of anything to improve on. It has been a long time since I have dealt with a company with such excellent public relations.

Tim Scott
Zionsville, PA

"My beautiful Hybrid is wonderful"
My beautiful Hybrid is wonderful. It is dreamy to sit and watch the flames dance and bounce. I couldn’t be happier with this stove. The draft is good and the fire caught right up...not that we need much of a fire tonight. The men spent about 5 hrs getting the “modification” done with the bluestone hearth, uncrating the Hybrid and getting it where it belongs. I am truly very pleased with my purchase. Thank you for a pleasurable experience. I must also tell you that these chimney sweeps were VERY impressed with your stove and your care in packing and shipping, and even felt we ‘got a really good deal’!!! This...from a couple of hard workers who’ve seen most everything in the field.

P.S. I think I will make good use of the cast cooktop when it arrives.

Carol Martin
Accord, NY

"You are my favorite mail order company."
Everyone was wonderful and...knowledgeable! I would not change a thing. Oh yes, thank you for two terrific stoves.

Don Thompson
Fairbanks, AK

"...the Progress Hybrid has made our life so much easier"
Buying a Woodstock stove is the best thing we have done for ourselves, the Progress Hybrid has made our life so much easier. The stove is an incredible product. The company was great to deal with. If someone wants to see our stove or talk with us they can.

The Foulks
Magalia, CA

"A good buying experience with excellent customer service!"
The folks we talked to at Woodstock Soapstone stoves were excellent to work with. A good buying experience with excellent customer service!

John Lavoie
Merrimack, NH

"You made me a loyal customer for life; your actions did what no words could ever do."

Dear Woodstock Soapstone,

Last December (2011) I bought one of your hybrid wood stoves. Not only is your product exceptional; which is so unusual these days.The attention to detail is worth talking about. When anyone comes into my home their gaze is immediately drawn to my soapstone wood stove. I then tell them the story about frames made in Belgium and assembled with soapstone in New Hampshire. I also use you as an example of what good customer service really means. I have worked as a business accelerator most of my adult life, I am sixty-one. There are only two companies I have dealt with in my life who understand true customer service and what that means. You are one of them.

Being your customer is truly a pleasurable experience. Not only have I not had a problem but you have taken steps to change and enhance things before I could ever have thought of them. Sending me an alternative cook top for my stove, free of charge, made me realize the value of our relationship. You could have advertised it with an added cost and I may have considered buying it. Sending it to me without any cost to me did what no advertising could ever have done. You made me a loyal customer for life; your actions did what no words could ever do.

Veronica Stork
Paicines, CA

"Whoever designed this stove should get a an award."
I thought I would let you know that the Progress Hybrid is installed and burning!!  What a stove!! This is by far and away the most impressive woodstove I have ever seen burn.  It is amazing!  The reburn is unbelievable to watch.  Whoever designed this stove should get a an award.  I will recommend this stove to anyone and everyone I can.  My only complaint…which is not a complaint wow is it heavy!  I carried it in with 6 other guys that I had to feed dinner to after the install.

I am very satisfied and so is my wife.  This stove is everything it is billed to be.

Thanks for all your help,
Mark Cornwell
Cherry Valley, NY

"Since we installed the woodstove in October, we have not used our furnace even ONCE!"
Could you please spread the word to everyone how much we are enjoying our Progress Hybrid Soapstone Woodstove.  We love it!  It keeps our 1880 square foot home nice and cozy.  We have 9 and 10 foot ceilings throughout the entire home.  Since we installed the woodstove in October, we have not used our furnace even ONCE!

Thanks, again, for the quality stove and your great customer service!!!!!!!

Phil & Lisa Rittenhouse
Homedale, ID

"Cut our wood usage by more than half."
We purchased a Progress Hybrid stove. It exceeds our expectations of performance and looks. Cut our wood usage by more than half. We are very pleased with our new stove. Thank you!

Donya Sanbower
Hedgesville, WV

"You are the best company we’ve ever dealt with."
We are very pleased with our stove and the warmth it provides. You are the best company we’ve ever dealt with.

Joe Jussila
Baggs, WY

"We know we made a great choice in purchasing your stove."
Ordering a stove on line can be scary since you can’t see the stove in person. We just can’t stop praising the our Progress Hybrid. It looks and performs exactly as described on the web site. We know we made a great choice in purchasing your stove. Love the big fire viewing window and the hear output is fantastic.

Deforest Way
Eden, NC

"World class service, staff and knowledge."
Thank you all at Woodstock Soapstone Co. It’s been a pleasure buying our Progress Hybrid Model 209 stove. World class service, staff and knowledge. Well worth the trip to pickup stove and tour factory. You guys are the best!

Gary Adams,
Georgetown, ME

"...impressed with you all’s craftmanship!"
Thank you Mike and crew- this fireplace is awesome!! The installation and removal of our old chimney was done in 2 1/2 hrs by the Brother Marnell Keith and 2 helpers. So professional and caring. Keith expressed amazement at the stove pipe being painted the same color as the cast iron on our soapstone woodstove, and was impressed with you all’s craftmanship!
Happy Thanksgiving from a Warm Home.

Thank you and God Bless,
Donna & Guenther
Erial, NJ

"50% less wood...50% less ash..."

Dear folks,

I had to write to tell you how pleased we are with our Progress Hybrid Woodstove. First of all, it is so beautiful to see in my hearth. But we absolutely love the efficiency; we are using 50% less wood than last year. We are also creating 50% less ash which is less work for me.

Our stove provides great overnight heat and I never have to restart it in the morning. There are always plenty of coals to catch the new fire quickly. We have also noticed an even heat; our last stove made the house hot, then cold. Our Woodstock stove maintains a pleasant, more controlled heat.

Added to all those features is the best customer service I have seen in a long time. Phone calls are answered by people, emails are returned promptly, and advice and explanations are always available. I heartily recommend Woodstock Soapstone Stoves.


Sarah & Ronald, PA

"We are telling everyone about this stove."
We love the Progress Hybrid! Heats our home wonderfully. It is everything you promised. We are in the middle of an ice storm. We did not lose power this time, but we were not too concerned since our house is staying a toasty 75 to 78. We are telling everyone about this stove.

W. Overturf, AR

"These are beautiful stoves."

We’ve had the Fireview stove for 16 yrs and love it. Decided we wanted a little bigger stove. The Progress Hybrid came yesterday, it’s up and running. This is what we heat with through the winter. These are beautiful stoves. Thank you! Love it!

B.Bolton, IL

"Steady, strong, & reliable."

The Progress Hybrid has been, and will continue to be the steady, strong, reliable heat source we count on every day. It’s a beautiful stove- we love it.

S.Westbrook, VT

"You really feel like family when you walk through the door!"

Great Service! Made us feel right at home! Did not rush us in the purchase- explained everything to us ( we had tons of questions)

Even the man who loaded our stove into the truck took the time to show us how to unload/ install the stove. Great peopel!

Great company! You really feel like family when you walk through the door!

K.Swanson, MA

"The Progress Hybrid lives up to its reputation."

The Progress Hybrid lives up to its reputation. Couldn’t wait to have it installed and was very satisfied with how it burned. Thank you for your great work!

S. Fleming, VT

 "Couldn't be more satisfied."

I bought this stove mainly based on a referral from an owner of one of your stoves, and couldn’t be more satisfied. This stove is truly a work of art and function.

J.Cunningham, WV

"The Stove is Beautiful."
I just wanted to let you know we’re very excited about the upcoming winter to use our Progress Hybrid stove. We went with your company after all the positive reviews about your stoves and staff at Woodstock Soapstone. Stopped at your showroom to check out the stoves. Everyone was very knowledgeable and courteous. It is nice to deal with a company as caring as you. The quality of the stove is wonderful! I don’t believe we would buy any other stoves! You have a customer for life and will recommend your products to everyone.

Vicki & Bill Brown, NH

"The burn time is unbelievalbe."

Walking into Woodstock Soapstone Co was a breath of fresh air after getting poor service an unfulfilled commitments from other local stove co.’s. The service and the stove have turned out to be everything we were promised and more, from attentive ,knowledgeable people to the most efficient stove we’ve ever seen. The burn time is unbelievable.

C. Buchanan, NH

"I can easily get 12+ hours."

It’s been a cold winter here in northern Wisconsin, but our new Progress Hybrid has kept us toasty warm!! I’m pleasantly surprised at how little wood it burns to keep us cozy. I can easily get 12+ hours with lots of coals leftover. I haven’t had to use a lighter or kindling since I first started it up in November.’s just gorgeous! I LOVE THIS STOVE!

I wanted to share my appreciation with y’all. I have attached a picture of our hearth, too. You are welcome to use the picture and my name on your website if you want. Thank you so much for making this stove!

Jessica Andrus, WI

 "It has saved us money"

Just wanted to let you know we love our Progress Hybrid stove we purchased this winter.  It has saved us money and kept the house comfortable in one of the coldest winters we have had in a while.

Thank You

Patricia Spina, NH

"We are very impressed"

We love the stove. Since December 14th we have gone through just over 1 cord of wood, with the stove being our primary heat source. That has been during the extreme cold that hit everyone this winter. You know wind chills in the -50’s and such. That is also burning pine, which is all we have in Montana. We are very impressed.

Again, we love the stove. Thank you.

O. Rouse, MT

"No use of gas or electricity & no blower noise."

Just loaded wood in the rack for the Hybrid in the living room. Temp is up to 74 and rising. Wind outside is gusting out of the North 30-35mph and temps are in the lower 20s and headed down. The Fireview here in the office is going strong, and my wife just started the Fireview in the lower level of the house. We have a walk out lower level.

All this to say thanks to the people of Woodstove we can live comfortably, the geo thermal system just sits there as a backup, no use of gas or electricity and no blower noise.

We are both lively 70s and appreciate the good service you provide and want to say carry on and have a good year.

B. Carper, KY

 "Knockout awesome!"

This new Progress stove is just knockout awesome. Can’t believe how efficient it works.

J.Scherer, WI

Fireview Owner Testimonials

"We love how the soapstone provides amazingly steady heat."
" We have been extremely impressed by the quality and functionality of our Fireview stove. Don't let it's small size fool you! It puts out an amazing amount of “comfortable heat”.  We love how the soapstone provides amazingly steady heat.  Gone are the days/nights of blazing hot fires, followed by an icy cold stove and room after the fire goes out.  The soapstone really provides a longer, less stifling heat.  We have received numerous comments this Summer about how pretty the stove is, even when not burning.  We could not be more pleased with this stove.  I wish we had a larger house so that we could have two of these wonderful stoves!"

Ricky Chase, ME

"The Fireview Woodstock Soapstone stove is by far the best stove I have ever seen."
"I have been around a number of wood stoves in my lifetime; and the Fireview Woodstock Soapstone stove is by far the best stove I have ever seen.  The even heat that the Soapstone provides can not be matched by any ordinary stove.  The design of the Fireview has also provided many hours of enjoyment, watching the fire through the glass. Not once have I ever had a problem with the glass clouding up.  Unlike some stoves I have seen that cloud up with a single fire.  I also like the easy access to the catalytic system, as changing the catalyst will be a breeze."

Mike Zajicek, WI

"The winters in New England make me love the summer. And your stove makes me love the winter!"
"...still love the stove. We’ve had it a full season, and it’s just bloody awesome. We show it off to everyone who comes over, and extol the environmental benefits of catalytics...that and the efficiency were the major attractions for us, and the stove has not disappointed.

-yeah, the stove exceeds our expectations. I LOVE being able to come down in the morning, stir the coals about, and get it going again with minimal hassle...above all, I love the fact that the little heat-driven fan atop the stove is still going. An owner quickly becomes attuned to the morning correlation between stove temp and inside conditions and fan speed.
We learned long ago the value of assuring dry storage for our wood, and strive to make sure that everything headed for the stove is crackling dry...dusty, perhaps, but dry. Makes a huge difference.

The winters in New England make me love the summer. And your stove makes me love the winter!"

Bob & Diane Chapin, CT

"All who come to visit me are enthralled."
"We have enjoyed our stove all winter. Reveled in it actually.  And all who come to visit me are enthralled.  So, please advise those who made it that their craftsmanship is recognized and admired!  Thanks to all who have answered the phones also.  Not a mean one in the bunch.”

Ed & Adele Webb, SC

"Can't believe how wonderful this stove works!"
"This is our second year with our stove and we love it!! We used way less than half a tank of oil for last winter!  Can't believe how wonderful this stove works! Plus it is sooo beautiful! We are very Happy with your product."

Gale Soltysiak
, PA

"It’s everything you said it was."
"This is the second winter for my Fireview.  It’s everything you said it was.  I really enjoy my stove."

Glenn Tripp, IL

"Thank you again for a Beautiful Stove."
"We love the one you sent us so much, that we want to give your Fireview to my wife’s parents.  Thank you again for a Beautiful Stove."

Rick & Debbie Shugert, ID

"Our soapstone Fireview stove is truly a masterpiece."
"We doubt whether we’ll ever become tired of enjoying it.  We think its such a beautiful stove and cannot say enough good things about it. "

Jacqueline Scheabl, TN

"Your stove saved my life."
"We‘ve been without electricity for seven days.  We used your Fireview for heating, cooking, melting snow... only thing it doesn‘t do is play music.  The man who designed it is a genius.  The market for your stove in Maine is as never before."

Martin Reiser, ME

"We love our stove!"
"We found you to be very helpful - dealing across the United States.  We chose your stove from the info, brochures and video, provided by you.  Because of this, we had numerous questions, some regarding specs and installation, all of which were answered completely and satisfactorily.  We love our stove!  So in essence, we bought our stove sight unseen & are not the least bit disappointed. It’s beautiful."

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Morby, NV

"I’m convinced I not only have good stoves, I’m dealing with a responsible, caring company."
"I believed when I bought my 2nd Woodstock Soapstone stoves I was getting good products. Now I’m convinced I not only have good stoves, I’m dealing with a responsible, caring company.  Thanks for your prompt and hassle free response when the damper lever on my stove broke recently.  I continue to talk proudly of my stoves and their makers - I don’t know if any purchases have resulted but I’ll continue singing their praise!"

Will & Lora Mathes, WI

"Our house is over 2000 sf and the only heat used in the winters was our Fireview."
"Our home is all on one floor and ceiling fans and a 10” box fan on a ledge behind the stove keeps the whole house very cozy, plus our 24 x 24 garage above freezing, around 40° - 50° in the coldest part of winter."

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Giesen, WI

"It’s the best improvement we made for the house and it heats the whole house."
"Neighbors tend to tour the place too."

Kathleen Gardiner, IL

"It is some of the best craftsmanship that I have seen in a long time."
"I would like to compliment you on your wood stoves.  It is some of the best craftsmanship that I have seen in a long time.  Everyone at your company should be proud of the product that they turn out.  Please tell everyone that we love the looks of the stove and the way it radiates the heat in our home."

Mrs.Douglas Chapman, MI

"We have found that the quality of the stove surpasses what the literature claims."
"We are writing to tell you that our experiences with the Woodstock Soapstone Company have exceeded our expectations.  From placing the order for our Fireview, to receiving the stove, to building the first fire, we have been very satisfied.  We have found that the quality of the stove surpasses what the literature claims.  Also, the appearance and efficiency of the stove have been commented on, positively, by our friends.  Thank you for an excellent product."

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Breu, SC

"I know we’ll be toasty with our wood stove.  What a great product!"Black's Install
"We have enjoyed lots of warmth from the stove - from splitting the wood to sitting in front of a crackling fire.  The stove is lovely and I’m prejudiced, but I think my husband did a marvelous job on the installation - allhis own idea.  We’ve had many compliments on the stove, and being able to pick out the one I thought had the best colors was an added plus. Of  course, I think mine is much prettier than my father-in-law’s!  We certainly enjoyed meeting all of you when we came to pick up the stove.  Although I hope this winter isn’t as severe as the last, I know we’ll be toasty with our wood stove.  What a great product!"

Jane & Jack Black, NJ

"We had to write to tell you that we love this stove!"
"Everyone that visits remarks on how beautiful it is.  Besides it adding such a cozy pleasing look to our den, it is amazingly efficient.  Even after letting a small evening fire die down, the stove is still warm the next morning. It is so easy to use. Making the decision to buy a soapstone stove definitely was the right choice.  We know we will enjoy it for years to come.  Thank you for all of the questions we’ve called about on the purchase/ setting up process - your staff was always courteous and knowledgeable. "

Anna & Ed Anderson, NY

"America needs more companies like yours."
"I want to thank you for providing an excellent product, and outstanding customer service.  My husband and I really enjoy the beauty of the Fireview stove and the wonderful heat it produces.  From the day we first ordered your video to this day, your employees have always demonstrated superb customer service skills.  In today’s world of automation it is nice to call a company and to be able to talk to people when you need to.  Your employees are well informed, pleasant, polite, and overall efficient.... We will continue to inform friends and family about your company.  America needs more companies like yours."

Viola Allemand, NM

"I do believe this stove is the best wood stove ever made."
"Buyng this stove was the best money I ever spent”

Mrs.Joyce Abbott, CA

A letter of thanks from a customer in North Dakota.
"Just like to let you know how your soapstone stove is working for us.
We bought a Fireview in 2005.  We placed it in our earthhome which is very energy efficient.   Our home is four feet under ground, small windows, facing south, and as much extra insulation as we could install. We live in northern North Dakota and had a lot of -30 degree nights this year.
Our house is 1450 square feet, but we could not let the stove burn for more than  24 hours, maximum.  Then we would have to let it go out for 2 or 3 days just to get the temperature down.  We are also using poor wood.  We can fill the stove, let it burn for up to 16 hours, throw in some kindling and the fire would start right up.  If I ever build a new house again I am going to buy a new Soapstone stove and set it on the ground and build the house around it."

Thanks for a great product,

Larry Johnson, ND

"The stove has not gone out since I got it and it has kept me warm regardless of how cold it is here."
"I'm writing to tell you how pleased I am with my new Fireview woodstove.  The whole process of buying was simple and straightforward.  You were very accommodating when I called to see if the stove could be shipped quickly because we were expecting -25 degree temperatures and I wanted to be warm for a change.  The stove has not gone out since I got it and it has kept me warm regardless of how cold it is here.  Since I live in a very rural area, I need to have heat whether there's power or not, and wood is the best way for me to get it. "

Mary Coburn
Springfield, ME

"I love it!"
“I am very very satisfied with my Woodstock Fireview Soapstone stove. In fact, I love it! Everyone that comes to see it immediately recognizes the quality and beauty of the stove.”

Wayne Simpson, MA

"Thanks for a great product!”
“Your service is great and so are your stoves. We are beginning our second winter with our stove and it has done all you claimed.  It is a wonderful comfortable heat with no ""static"" electricity that comes from forced air systems.  The stove is beautiful too.  It is the first thing most people notice when they enter our home.  Thanks for a great product!”

Alan & Heather Jones, NC

"...Sign me warm in West Virginia."
“ Your stove and company are all that you said they were - wonderful.  You folks are great.  We love our stove!  It is easier to use and more efficient than any stove we've owned before - including Jotul and Vermont Castings.  It cranks out the heat and is beautiful in the process.  Thank you - sign me warm in West Virginia."

Susan Rogers, WV

"We love our stove and it is all that Woodstock stoves said it would be.”
“ Your service was superior as was your staff - from your sales personnel to your warehouse staff.  We love our stove and it is all that Woodstock stoves said it would be.”

Donald Paquette, MA

“We really love our stove, and you made it a pleasure to purchase it."
That rarely happens any more!  I don't mind spending what seems like a lot of money for something I really want - but I want to have fun doing it.  Thanks for reminding me that it can still happen!”

Janet Gunn, CO

"(It's) the best stove we've ever had!"
“Once we hooked the stove up we had 10 days of -35 degree days or colder.  Thank you again Woodstock Soapstone - it's beautiful, works great, and the best stove we've ever had!"

Jonathan Schubert, WI

"The heat is gentle and inviting"
" The stove is all you said it would be.  The heat is gentle and inviting - not too hot or too cold, as with steel stoves.  Thank you for producing a fantastic product! "

Martin Bernbaum, CA

" I love it! It's the best stove I've ever had, the best company to deal with, and the best information provided! "

Robert Robinson, ME

"Thank you for taking such pride in your workmanship!"
" We were skeptical ordering the stove sight unseen - even after viewing your tape, but when we unwrapped our stove we were so impressed by it's looks. Once we hooked it up and got it running we were even more impressed. We absolutely love our new stove. Thank you for taking such pride in your workmanship!"

Debbie Ludwig, PA

"It captivates you."
“Your company has the nicest, most helpful people I have ever dealt with.  The Fireview stove is beautiful and it gives this blue dancing flame. It captivates you.  I love my stove and the people at Woodstock!”

Mark D. Humbert, OH

"It was in perfect condition and even more beautiful than we remembered!"
" My husband and I were in your area several years ago and took a tour of your facility and we were very impressed!  So impressed that we purchased a Fireview that day!  We used your handy layaway program and when we were ready, we had it delivered.  It was in perfect condition and even more beautiful than we remembered!"

Matt & Patricia Perry

Fireview in Sweden
I got the woodstove fired up 2 days before Christmas (the chimney man was here I had to wait on him) and I can say that I first didn´t believe in the catalytic combustion, but now when I tried it, it is the best I ever used... I compare the heat that the stove produces with my friends that have "normal" stoves without catalytic combustion...... and of course the long burning times... I am still learning how to use it but so far during over night burning I am at 8 hours... so I am more than pleased....

And the shipment from you worked out very good, it was sent from new jersey with the company JET Carrier…

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want any kind of recommendations to this product.

Have a nice day, and thank you for your good support it was the best!

Med vänlig hälsning/Best regards



"Thanks for making such an extraordinary stove."

I spent a great deal of time researching a stove before purchasing the Fireview. I could not find one negative review and that made up my mind. I was worried about the difficultly of using a stove with a catalytic combuster. The instructions which came with the stove made it seem simple. In fact it is, far easier than I had imagined. I purchased my Fireview in January but could get it hooked up until Feb 12th. First off, the stove is very attractive, far more than my wife and I and our friends expected. I have only used wood since it was installed and the temps have been down to -14F. We have been very comfortable and are using less wood than we expected. I have a new 1344 sq ft home in Winthrop, Maine( finished Dec 5th, 2014) on a plateau where the wind has been blowing shingles off the roof of my garage. We have to be careful or the house is too warm. What an incredible stove. Beautiful and efficient. We are getting burn times of 12 hrs. Thanks for making such an extraordinary stove. It has exceeded our expectations.

R. Oberg, ME

Keystone / Palladian Owner Testimonials 

Dear Woodstock Soapstone Co:

We've had your Paladin stove for well over 20 years now and something that I noticed that is noticeably absent from your comments is the fact that you are one of the few wood stove companies that is continually improving and upgrading their products. This is no exception with your Paladin. Over the time that we've owned this, even the catalytic converter design has been changed 3 times to make it that much more efficient and user-friendly when we do our annual cleaning of the stove every year. But, some people think of wood stoves in the vein of the cast-iron variety.

Previously we had an old school cast iron stove that, while it worked, the heat produced by it was unbearable at times. I have very Vivid memories of my grade school days with myself and my friends sitting in our family room wearing shorts and a t-shirts when it was 10 below outside because the stove put out THAT much heat. But it wasn't a comfortable heat at all and we had to have at least three humidifiers going just to make it bearable! There was one instance where it got so cold outside that no matter how far we dampened down the stove the stove started running away, combustion wise.  We had candles affixed to the wall in our dining room a good thirty feet away and the candles were wilted due to the heat! NO such a problem with your products!! It creates a very very livable radiant heat that has to be experienced to be appreciated. And the build quality of your product is just the tip of the iceberg- your stoves are absolutely the most efficient I've ever seen!

Previously with the old cast-iron monstrosity, we burned between 6 to 10 cords of wood a winter and that's from October through April. Now the same exact mix of Hardwoods (Oak, Maple excetra) we're down to five cords and even less a heating season! THAT is a HUGE cost savings, especially with a cord of wood retailing for $225 currently here. And not only does the catalytic converter allow the stove to burn more efficiently but it also cuts down a lot on chimney cleaning! What used to be buckets full of creosote that we'd brush off the walls of the chimney is now down to something like four to five cups of creosote. That also means there's a lower chance of having a chimney fire which is something that is not insignificant, especially after you experience one like we did with our old cast iron monster.

And, to complete review, I also have to state how excellent your customer services been over the span of time we owned the stove. Anytime there was an issue with a broken part or some other problem, we were able to talk DIRECTLY an engineer (THANKS Jaime!) who was able to reengineer said parts to make them more resilient and or function appropriately. Name me another woodstove company that has THAT level of Customer service...I'll wait. That's right -there isn't one that I can find anywhere other than yours!

Thank you so much again for building such a wonderful product that has actually EXCEEDED our expectations and 20 years later continues to perform and look just like it did when we first received it. An absolute must for folks looking to get into wood stoves!


Michael and Patricia Hodges
Longmeadow MA

"It far exceeds my expectations!"
"Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my Keystone Wood Stove!  It far exceeds my expectations! I ordered it for my new 2100 sq ft home as a supplement to my heat pump, only to discover that it can independently heat the entire house on it's own!  Of course there was that "period of adjustment" when I had to learn best how to operate it, but we are well on our way together."

Barbara Planck, IN

"It's beautiful to look at and mesmerizing to watch the flames dance in."
I have attached pictures from setup to start-up.  Like dealing with your great sales and technical staff, setting up my Keystone was a pleasure.  This product is so well made!  It made me happy to see that such workmanship was still happening in the USA.  It must be that Yankee pride so prevalent in New England, especially in the Connecticut River Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire.

The stove performs better than expected, is so easy to attend to.  It's beautiful to look at and mesmerizing to watch the flames dance in.  Everything about this stove feels high quality.  I shall enthusiastically recommend your stoves to everyone.

It is wonderful to wake in the morning to a still cozy stove, and in less time than it takes to make the coffee, the stove is attended to and refueled for the next 8-10 hours.  Compared to my prior stove, I have an extra 30 to 45 minutes a day to nap, read, or attend to other business.  That's a significant gift!  And it lasts all winter, not just around Christmas.  Thanks.

Gerald & Barbara Cooper

"Worth the trip to NH to see the company."
“Pleasant experience start to finish. Good price, great service - even after the installation!  Worth the trip to NH to see the company.  It keeps our home comfy warm even at 5 degrees and lower outside.”

Peggy Bedner, PA

“This stove is amazing."
"My first fire went beautifully following your directions of starting small and getting the draft going.  A few logs, and it’s still warm in the morning.  It is a very subtle heat, and does keep the furnace from running.  Thanks!”

Barbara Sullivan, CA

“My first winter with the stove has been most toasty." I am glad to say.  During the ice storm of this year - my Keystone kept the house quite warm - and as you can see -  kept our bellies full!   I made these stove top pizzas right on the keystone!  Everything was defrosting in my freezer - so out came the dough and a few essentials - onto the stove for 20 minutes and voila - pizza for everyone!  Thanks for making a terrific product - it is not only warm - but beautiful.”

Lynn Solomon, NH

“Just a quick note to tell you how much we have enjoyed our Keystone Stove these nearly three years".
"We have used it for special times, Oklahoma's cold, windy winter, and even cooked on it when the need arose.”

Ben & Karen Robbins, OK

"Everything that was said about the stove is true."
We can not tell you enough how extremely happy we are with our woodstove. Everything that was said about the stove is true. It has cut our electric bill tremendously. We enjoy having a fire, not only for the warmth, but for the relaxing atmosphere it provides. My favorite thing about the stove is the ash pan. Growing up with a traditional wood stove and having to scoop the ashes out into a bucket made a tremendous mess. This is just so easy,  I think every time I take them out I comment on how nice it is. It is truly amazing how well it works and how beautiful it is!

Doug & Linda Crawford,  NY

"We could not be more pleased with our purchase nor with the service we received."
"We recently built a new log home, and as part of the home we decided to install a new Palladian soapstone stove! This has been, without a doubt, the best decision we made within the whole project. Not only is the stove very beautiful looking, but it has more than exceeded our hopes when we decided to purchase the stove instead of building a fireplace. It is a fact that the stove continues to heat for 8-10 hours after the fire has died down !!  We could not be more pleased with our purchase, nor with the service we received from all of the many people we spoke with during the purchase process and with our followup calls."

Scott & Sonya Bump,  NY



Classic Owner Testimonials

A Nice Note From A Long time Classic Owner
"Hello Tom and Company,   We sure have enjoyed our Classic again this year. We have had it now for maybe 15+ years or so and have been cooking on it for about 5.  I suppose we have burned in excess of 40 cords of good dry Alaska Birch. Thanks for the offer to buy on sale but we still have a new in the crate Classic waiting for another spot someday. I sure like the progress at Woodstock and the new Mini Franklin Gas Stoves, too bad I don’t like gas. I really admire the diversity in your product line now. If I were in your neighborhood I’d be looking for a job there. I never pass up a chance to "sell" a Woodstock" stove.
We’ll see ya down the creek,

Bruce Stephenson
Fairbanks, Alaska

"Thank you for a wonderful stove."
"I purchased one of your stoves some years ago and it has been a delight. The heat is calm, plentiful and lasting. One firing in the evening and the space is still nice and warm the next morning with no additional wood. The soapstone and your marvelous construction makes for far superior heat production. It’s a beautiful stove and it saves money. I could not ask for more. You do great work."

Sheila Doublette, MI

"We love it and consider it to be the “Mercedes of stoves."
"This stove is not only a beautiful piece of “furniture” but it also performs exceptionally well. Thank you forever."

Dora McLaurin, NY

"All I can say is WOW and thanks!"
"This past summer I purchased a Woodstock Soapstone Classic from you.  I have used several other woodstoves over the years and have never seen a stove to equal the Classic.  We are heating our entire 2400 sq. ft. house with ease.  Looks like it's going to take 1/2 cord of wood a month.  Unbelievable!"

Vincent Zecchinelli, VT

"Top notch product and honest service. “
"Woodstock Soapstone Co. is a wonderful picture of American business at it’s finest."

Rick & Linda Olmsted, AK

"I would like each and every member of the Woodstock Soapstone Co.’s staff to stand up, and take a bow"
"Your stoves are classically elegant, superbly crafted, and marvelously efficient. Our stove warms our home (as well as our hearts), dries our laundry, and graces our living room with functional nostalgia."

Elizabeth C Thurston, ME

"Still toasty warm in the A.M.!"
"This stove is excellent! Wish I hadn’t waited so long. A real beauty, too. Still toasty warm in A.M. ! No stoking at 3:00 A.M.!!"

Jim Meyers, CA

"This is my second Woodstock soapstone stove..."
"It was a busy season and I appreciated all of your patience and help throughout the order and delivery process. This is my second Woodstock soapstone stove - both have been great!"   

Charlotte McCloskey, NY

"The stove itself is -- well elegant!"
“Wonderful service! The stove was ready sooner than I expected, and the shipping was on time. The stove itself is ---well elegant!”

Samuel Elliot, ME

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Fireside Franklin Owner Testimonials

"Better than anything in this price range"
"Our installer has been doing this full time for nine years. He liked our unit so much that he is going to buy one for himself. He also said that the quality of this unit (Franklin Gas) is better than anything in this price range."

Dave Walker, CA

"Keep up the Great Work!"
"The stove is all you said it would be. I wish I had one in every room to enjoy!"

Mark Beverly, NC

"The stove saved the day"
"The power went off and blew a fuse to our in floor heating system shortly after we moved in. The stove saved the day, which was the reason we purchased it."

Michelle Hollmann, SD

"I would highly recommend the product and company to anyone (A+++)!  Amazing product and customer service.  Worth every penny! "

Teri Petrillo, CT

"We are extremely satisfied..."
"Your company was awesome in your help and service to us in our purchase of the Franklin Gas Stove.  We are extremely satisfied with you and your company and will recommend you to all we know."

Diane & George Desjardins, MA

"The stove gives off a bone-warming radiant heat."
" We are so pleased with our stove.  The installation was completed the night it dipped to 12 degrees F, which is terribly cold for southeast Virginia.  The stove gives off a bone-warming radiant heat.  Our dog was by it all evening.  I called many times to ask questions and your people were amazingly calm, patient, and friendly.  Keep spreading the word about soapstone as an alternative to cast iron. It's amazing how it holds in the heat, plus it's beautiful and looks like fine marble! "

Erika St.Dennis-Sparrer, VA

"We would do it again, only sooner."
"I saw an ad in a magazine several years ago but our wood heater was such a wonderful source of heat, we did not act. As we got older and wood got harder to cut, we opted for the gas.  Have no regrets, would do it again, only sooner. "

Betty Boyle, MS

"Quality of workmanship is excellent."
"We have been very pleased with our Franklin gas stove. Many of our friends have admired it, both in appearance and heat output. Quality of workmanship is excellent. "

Harvey Galloway, VA

"Everyone here loves it."
The Franklin has become our main heat source when we are home and in the room.  Like I said before it makes the room (whole house) cheerful and warm.  Everyone here loves it.

John Gehde, WI

"Thanks for such a dependable product."
"We could not be more pleased with the appearance of our stove.  We love it!  The wall thermostat works really, really, really well. It more than meets and exceeds our needs.  Thanks for such a dependable product. "

Mary Kendall, NC

"Your Franklin stove fit the bill perfectly."
"We have a daylight basement finished as a large family room... 10 ft high ceiling.. and it was always freezing cold.  we wanted a radiant heat source so not all the warmth would end up at the ceiling!  Your Franklin stove fit the bill perfectly. I'm happy because it's cozy warm and my husband's happy because he doesn't have to light a fire or empty ashes! Plus, the stove is elegant and attractive. "

Susan Loncar, PA

"Even after turning the unit off, the stone continues to radiate..."
"We rebuilt a 200 year old log cabin and added a stone addition.  The Franklin Gas stove heats the entire  structure.  Even after turning the unit off, the stone continues to radiate for 8-10 hrs. We love it. It looks like a real fire burning and complements the interior with exposed log walls.  It is absolutely perfect. "

Karen Ramge, MD

Easy installation
“ Most convenient stove I have ever had the pleasure to install, and that’s 23 years of installation speaking. “

Gordon Smith, NV

"People think it is a "real" fire..."
"Looks great!  People think it is a ""real"" fire and try to see where the wood is kept in our home. "

Judy Soules, VT

"We can't imagine being without it!"
“It’s wonderful how our Woodstock Soapstone stove radiates warmth throughout the living area. It’s so cozy and we can’t imagine being without it! “

Tim & Arlene Stromberger, WA

"I believe your stove will be heating my house for a lifetime."
"Installation was easy and was in operating condition in less than two hours.  I shopped around for months to locate the perfect stove to complete my remodeling job and by far yours was the most beautiful of the several models that I saw.  Although slightly more expensive than comparable models, I believe your stove will be heating my house for a lifetime.  I wouldn't dare be as bold to say that about any of your competition. "

Eric Tyznik, IL

"I don't think there's any better."
"Professionally installed. Works wonderful. Many comments from everyone who has seen it.  I don't think there's any better.  I would recommend your product to others and already have.  We have a Fireview wood stove purchased 19 years ago and it is still as good as new, both in looks and operation."

Stanley Williams, MI

"I bought the stove because it doesn't need electricity."
"I like my gas log stove very much.  It was easy to install.  I had it put in a corner and vented out the wall.  It puts out lots of heat, most the time I keep it on low heat.  I bought the stove because it doesn't need electricity.  Here in Colorado the snow storms usually cause the electricity to go off, leaving us without heat, but not anymore!"

Earleen Woolsey, CO

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Cottage Franklin Owner Testimonials

"That stove is a real winner!"
"Obtained your "cottage" gas stove about this time last year. Am most pleased with results. That stove is a real winner! Thank you."

Michael Yurick, NH

"It’s just beautiful and it heats great."
" Absolutely love the stove. It’s just beautiful and it heats great.  Everyone was so helpful and well informed - answered all my questions. "

Leandra Little, WA

"It was the best design and functional decision we made."
" The Cottage stove was installed in our four season sun-room, and it was the best design and functional decision we made. Everyone who sees it is amazed at it’s beauty and design. "

Patricia Melerski, IL

"Excellent stove and beautiful to boot!"
"Installation was easy and we did it ourselves. The propane hook up was not a problem and the propane man said it’s the best stove he’s ever seen! "

Maria Myers, MT

"Great security for power outages"
"Our Cottage Franklin gas stove kept our whole 2700 sf home above 60 degrees for the four days we had no heat ( or power) during the December ice storm.  People couldn’t believe how warm our house was with our “cute little green stove".

Jan & Charles Hines, MA

"Best investment we've ever made"
It’s in our family room and it’s the best heat investment we’ve ever made. Now if the power goes out we’ll still have heat! “

Rick & Judy Allen, MI

"Great product!"
"We can go away overnight and depend on the gas stove to keep the home from freezing up.  If we are ill and hauling wood is an issue, again, we can depend on the Cottage Franklin gas stove.  A win-win situation for us."

Cheryl & Ron Rivers, BC

"I did it all myself!"
" I was happily and pleasantly surprised at how easily it went.  I'm a single, 50's aged woman and I did it all myself! "

Linda Finkelstein, NM

"I enjoy my Cottage Franklin gas stove very much." "It provides steady heat to my well insulated basement and is especially loved by our cat Sky. She often sleeps near the stove and even watches the flames at times."

Jan Pritzl, WI

"Just a note about how much we continue to enjoy our Cottage Franklin LP gas stove."

"The appearance of the flame is very enjoyable, and we appreciate the lack of any blower noise.  The economy of the stove is impressive.  We use much less LP gas than we anticipated.

We've found that the concentric stove pipe reaching to the ceiling serves as a very effective economizer.  The heat of the exhaust gas is transferred to the incoming combustion air, reducing the amount of gas burned.  In addition, a significant amount of heat is radiated into the room from the tall pipe, also reducing the amount of gas burned."

Kenneth Shelton, WA

"Will recommend you to anyone interested." "I wish everyone was as helpful and professional!!!"

Barbara Beauchene, CT

"Saving 30% on gas consumption..."
"Saving 30% on gas consumption unexpectedly, adds a new focal point to a great room. (P.S. new dog & old cat now sleep together at the fireplace.)"

Robert Guthrie, NJ

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Mini Franklin Owner Testimonials

"It’s a beautiful piece of workmanship..."
"It’s a beautiful piece of workmanship combined with a practical source of heat. We have it installed in our sunroom so we can use it year round." -Susan Peace, NH

"Dancing flames..."
"We have been enjoying our Mini Franklin very much this winter; it keeps our bedroom nice and toasty!"

Chris Ferguson, NY

Mini Franklin Owner
“ We have been running the stove 24 hours a day and have had no problems or issues even through windstorms of 50 mph. Provides a very cozy atmosphere in our living room."

Sandra Plourde, ME

"You guys are great!"
"I am glad that you don’t have an automated answering service. In this age speaking with a live person is rare. Usually when I call other companies for customer service I get no service."

Jim McNeill,  NJ

"Everyone who sees it loves it."
"Here are 2 pictures of our stove, which is in the corner of the studio Lyle & I built.  All winter, it keep me cozy as I worked on my weaving & carving.  Everyone who sees it loves it.  It adds warmth in more ways than one -- there is nothing like a corner with a cheery fire for a chat over hot coco
a or tea."

Barbara Petersen, NC