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It’s Spring! And this month we have chosen to celebrate birds...and not just any bird, but an outstanding one.

If you don’t know much about hummingbirds, they are amazing! Not ONLY do these tiny flyers have incredible strength and speed, they are also stellar pollinators...and without the birds and bees and other insects and creatures that pollinate the Earth, there would be no flowers and no trees, but most importantly, no life at all.

Earthworms, bats, mushrooms, and yes, our chosen “April star”, hummingbird, are a small part of a tremendously huge cast of wonderful characters in the play of life. Too often we do not pause long enough to take in the depth of our blessed being, much less show gratitude to the environment which gives us food and creature comforts truly fit for kings and queens.

Appreciating hummingbirds will give you a moment to contemplate this incredible beauty. It’s our way of honoring Spring and giving thanks to many of the endangered creatures that are bringing the Earth to life every moment of every day. We also honor and bless the wind for its part in pollination.

As with any Ideal Steal of the Month, THE WORKS is included with this special offer. And, if you don’t think Spring can still bring chilly moments, you must not live in the North. Frosts occur into June in many parts of our our stoves are close friends well into late Spring. Some years they never get time off!

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ANM051 - April Star

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