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Absolute Steel Hybrid

02 Feb2015 Hybrid: Version 3
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We are finally building beta stoves for our next (as yet un-named) steel hybrid. This will be our third hybrid:  first the Progress, then the Ideal Steel, and now a high performance woodstove with record-low emissions.  The combustion system in this version has some significant innovations to lower ..
22 May2014 Hittin’ the Note!
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We’ve been spending a lot of time the last few weeks testing our Franklin inspired steel hybrid in the lab. We hope to begin beta-testing this next new model in the early fall.  So far the results are good. The Ideal Steel, which goes into production in June, had the lowest high burn emissions on re..
01 Apr2014 First Cuts: Our Next Steel Hybrid
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Firebox with Franklin front wings and ash lip. Available as box stove or Franklin. Left or right door. When designing a new stove, we typically start out with just a box (i.e. the “firebox”), and see if we are in the ballpark with emissions and efficiency.  This time we decided to cut the skir..
14 Mar2014 The NEXT Gearhead Hybrid Stove
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Basic version The next Gearhead Hybrid Stove is under construction right now (prototype only).  We are building a slightly smaller firebox (about 2.6 cubic feet), and version 3.0 of our hybrid combustion design. The Ideal Steel Hybrid (going into production soon) had the lowest high burn ..
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