A toaster... a lamp, hairbrush, a car...when was the last time you bought something that was all-American made? It’s a fact that manufacturing in the United States has waned over the past few decades BUT there are exciting stories of companies like Woodstock Soapstone who are firing-up the old Yankee spirit and still manufacturing products state-side that are cutting edge in design...highly affordable...AND supported after the sale by real people who work right here, and have built, owned and used our stoves and are readily available by phone.

“Spirit of Fire” is our opportunity to honor the US armed service members by offering savings to all veterans and active duty personnel. Without your sacrifice, we couldn’t be doing what we are doing at Woodstock Soapstone, and we know it. To all of you who have sacrificed to keep this country free we will extend savings on all our woodstoves through the Fourth of July, 2015 and free design opportunities to any of you who order an IDEAL STEEL Hybrid.

We’ll share stories of some of our own veterans here at WSC. Next week we’ll highlight our Golden Arm welder extraordinaire - Willy Jane, a National Guard vet for the past 17 years. Check out her story in our next postings. It’s amazing what this woman can do!  And, as we have found in the creation of hundreds of IDEAL STEEL Hybrids, we will hear your many wonderful tales through the creation of your custom stoves.

Take a look at a couple of possibilities below or go to our design book for ideas!