We are finally building beta stoves for our next (as yet un-named) steel hybrid. This will be our third hybrid:  first the Progress, then the Ideal Steel, and now a high performance woodstove with record-low emissions.  The combustion system in this version has some significant innovations to lower emissions.

Ivan welds the top on a new beta

The new hybrid will again be made of steel, to keep the final retail price firmly in the affordable range.  It has a soapstone or refractory liner,  right or left door, top or rear exit, and will be available in several styles.  Firebox capacity is approximately 2.5 cu. ft.

Ivan & Joe checking fit
The first few new beta hybrids will go on our test stand to verify that changes we have made to the “plumbing” won’t effect performance (they shouldn’t),  to calibrate the bimetallic controls we are using, and to confirm that none of the innumerable recent changes influences emissions, output, or ease of use.