Dear Friends,
Hello and Holiday Greetings from all of us at Woodstock Soapstone Company!  We are approaching our 40th year of making the highest quality wood and gas burning stoves, and are now proud to be debuting our newest hybrid that adds a “little spark” to our already stellar line-up.

     The new year will begin with a “BANG!” as we begin shipping both the NAVAJO Hybrid (wood & coal burning) and SURVIVAL Hybrid (wood burning only). The NAVAJO Hybrid will be shipping to the 4 Corners Navajo Nation as part of our commitment to helping everyone be warmer and burn fuel more efficiently. The SURVIVAL Hybrid will be available to the general public mid-January, and fulfills requests from our customers for a smaller stove that can hold its own with our other top quality legacy and hybrid models.

     These little powerhouses are perfect for heating spaces of 1,000 s.f., and have an output of 27,294 BTU’s/hr (EPA Protocol), with an efficiency rating of 79.43%, and emissions of 1.05gm/hr.  These combined efficiency and emissions results place the SURVIVAL Hybrid firmly in the TOP 10 stoves currently sold in the USA...and we make them right here in the beautiful state of New Hampshire.

    We will be posting lots of information in the coming weeks, but if you want a jump on delivery you can reserve a stove by clicking here and have your stove shipped in January. Remember, we have real “elves” answering the phone and are always determined to provide the best-of-the-best in service and support.  We love our customers and we love wood heat!  Thank you for your continuing interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

   To Reserve a Survival Hybrid Wood Stove, click here!

1-800-866-4344 - Monday thru Saturday, 9:00-5:00, 40 Years and Counting!

To Reserve a Survival Hybrid Wood Stove, click here!   

Here’s a way to really spread some goodwill this holiday season! 
Get NAVAJO Artwork on your SURVIVAL Stove for an extra $100 ($1399.00).  The entire premium ($100 per stove) will be sent to a Navajo Charity 501 (c)3 specializing in home improvement and weatherization.

If you want to purchase a SURVIVAL Stove, and you like the Navajo artwork, the extra money that you pay for the Navajo Artwork will go directly to efforts on the Navajo Reservation to improve living conditions for native people.  The Navajo Artwork is pictured below.