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Progress Hybrid

21 Jan2020 Customer Installations Keep Rolling In!
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With the recent cold snap, we are getting more and more images of our beautiful, high efficiency stoves from customers in different parts of the country. Below are a few of our newest images, and we're sure more will be coming! The first two pictures below show the Absolute Steel Hu Absolute Ste..
09 Jan2020 Customer Installations!
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Customers have been submitting some wonderful installation images of and comments about their Woodstock Soapstone stoves recently, and we wanted to share a few of them here on our blog.  This group is a nice representation showing one of our newer wood stoves, the Progress Hybrid, our largest gas..
27 Nov2019 What a Hybrid Wood Fire Looks Like!
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Woodstock introduced the first hybrid wood stovein the USA in 2011The pictures of a Progress Hybrid below just came in last week from a new customer in Pennsylvania.  The pictures show one thing that many of our customers like about our hybrid stoves - there’s a lot of flame activity, especially at ..
06 Mar2015 Hybrid Sale Through April 10, 2015
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Our two hybrid woodstoves – the PROGRESS Hybrid and the IDEAL STEEL Hybrid – are the showcases of this promotion.  In addition to FREE SHIPPING up to $250, savings on the stoves are also significant. We will not have such low Hybrid prices again this year, and this will be the last opportunity to pu..
15 Apr2014 Customer Letter: Stove Feedback
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Greetings Folks,  My wife and I bought a Progress Hybrid from Woodstock last fall and as we close in on the end of our first full season using this stove, I wanted to contact you with some feedback. First, I cannot express in words how impressed we are with this stove.  ..
27 Jul2012 Progress Hybrid - EPA Certified Wood Stove List
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After much delay, the Progress Hybrid has finally made it's debut on page 10 of the EPA's Certified Wood Stove List!  The Progress is listed as a Catalytic-Hybrid (the only hybrid on the list) and has the highest listed efficiency rating of 81%.  Now put that in your pipe and smoke it! Click on ..
04 Jan2012 Progress EPA Numbers
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Below are EPA test report numbers for the Progress Hybrid Wood Stove. For more information about our Progress Hybrid Wood Stove, click here...
22 Nov2011 It's Official!
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The EPA certification is hereand we can now legally start shipping the Progress Hybrid!For more information about our Progress Hybrid Wood Stove, click here...
11 Nov2011 Progress Hybrid Corner Clearance
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On Wednesday we completed our corner clearance testing on the Progress Hybrid. With the use of the rear heat shield, the bottom cast corners will need to maintain a 12" the combustible wall.Click here for more information about our Progress Hybrid Wood Stove...
09 Nov2011 Progress Hybrid with Front Ash Lip
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Below is a digital view of the Progress Hybrid with the front ash lip. The ash lip will be used to reduce front hearth clearances and temperatures.Please see the previous post for clearance information.For more information about our Progress Hybrid Wood Stove, click here...
03 Nov2011 Progress Hybrid Clearances
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Here’s an update on Progress Hybrid clearances:Side and rear clearances:  Clearances to the rear of the stove to a combustible wall, with a heat shield and 3 foot pipe shield, are 6” from the pipe shield to the wall and 7” from the stove shield to the wall.   We have decided to initially include a r..
22 Sep2011 What makes the Progress a
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This question has been the most commonly fielded questions thus far about our new stove.  Below is an explanation of just what we mean by "hybrid". Hy-brid (noun) A thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture. Hybrid is a word that is being used more frequently these days. Automakers a..
01 Sep2011 Progress Hybrid Introductory Pricing & Availablilty
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We will introduce the Progress Hybrid at our Open House on October 7 & 8, 2011 and then plan to begin shipping during the last week in October. We are offering great introductory pricing-both on the PROGRESS Hybrid stoves and on its accessories, for the first 250 orders or for the first 60 days, whi..
19 Aug2011 Progress Hybrid Images & Slow Burn Video
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Below are images of the Progress Hybrid woodstove. Note the detail on the front window cast, the loading door (shown here on the right), the legs, and andirons.Click on either image to enlarge.The catalytic bypass control is located in the front of the stove, over the viewing window, and works via p..
09 Aug2011 First
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Internal parts for the new stove are here, and they fit together perfectly - just like a big jig saw puzzle.  Some photos follow for those who are mechanically inclined.  Best of all, when we fired up a stove with these new parts, it behaved just like all of our test stoves.  Yippee.Stay tuned, more..
14 Jul2011 New Stove Ash Pan: It's big, it's hot, it doesn't have to be emptied a lot...
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The optional ash pan kit for the new stove has the biggest ash pan that we know of - 18”L x 11.5W x 3.65”D - not that a big ash pan is worthy of a lot of bragging rights, but the idea is that it won’t have to be emptied very often. This ash pan would be big enough to roast a Thanksgiving turkey!The ..
28 Jun2011 Progress on the
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PROGRESS HybridBelow are basic dimensions and specifications for the new stove.  Please note that rear flue exit height could change, but minimally.  If you are building a chimney and planning a straight back connection between stove and chimney thimble, please confirm thimble height with our custom..
26 Jan2011 Designer's Scale Model
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To give everyone a better sense of scale, we have a side by side rough comparison of our current Fireview stove and the Designer's Stove Model of the New Stove (both front and side view). This is not a perfect comparison. As you may notice, the body of the new stove is currently resting on..
11 Dec2010 CAD models of new stove with plinth
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For some fireplace installations, the height of our new stove can be reduced by replacing the legs with a plinth base. An ash pan isn't available on the plinth model. ..
06 Dec2010 CAD Models of Our New Hybrid Stove
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Our new stove... will have the same eight-sided geometry as our popular Fireview model, but will have a larger firebox and higher BTU rating. These are Solidworks models only. The cast iron frame will have more detail than shown in these models but not as much ornamentation as the Fireview. ..
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