Firebox with Franklin front wings and ash lip.
Available as box stove or Franklin. Left or right door.

When designing a new stove, we typically start out with just a box (i.e. the “firebox”), and see if we are in the ballpark with emissions and efficiency.  This time we decided to cut the skirt, wings, and some legs so that we can experiment with a steel Franklin style stove from the beginning.  The guys in the shop like it, even though it is really only the “first cuts”.

Glass retainer goes over the front.
We can modify the wings, glass retainer and
surface detail to create period detail
-Modern, Arts & Crafts, Federal, etc.

Right now, this steel hybrid stove has a 2.6 cu ft. firebox (at least in current drawings), and would be available either as a plain box or as a Franklin.
Left or right door.

Don’t read too much into the appearance - it’s early.  Names anyone?  FranklinSteel Hybrid? Louise W. (aka Rideau) - can you help us?

Playing with legs.  Cut and folded steel.
There’s a lot we can do with cutting and folding.

v1 of the Franklin Steel Hybrid running in our test lab.