Last evening Tom Morrissey accepted the grand prize in the Wood Stove Design Challenge, as well as the award for most affordable. In doing so, Tom shared a portion of the $25,000 award with two other innovators that had come to DC on a shoestring budget and with no corporate support.

Matt Remine from Walker Stoves drove all the way from Washington State to Washington DC in his parents Subaru with his rocket mass heater, and Jason Stewart from IntensiFire came all the way from New Zealand with his father (aka Santa for anyone that was there) and his retrofit invention.

Tom spent a lot of time speaking with Matt Remine from Walker Stoves and was interested enough in his stove that Tom decided to buy Matt's prototype which is packed into the van and coming back from DC.  Our goal is to collaborate with Matt to explore additional ways of developing a clean burning, efficient wood stove.

It will be exciting to see where this new collaboration will lead us, so stay tuned....