The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center is coordinating a program aimed at replacing older, inefficient, and polluting wood stoves with modern EPA certified wood stoves that offer much greater efficiency and are far cleaner burning.

Woodstock Soapstone Co. firmly believes that the future of wood burning relies heavily on reducing harmful emissions and increasing wood stove efficiency. We will be participating in this program as a retailer to promote these goals.

As a retailer Woodstock Soapstone Co. will be responsible for claiming a customer’s voucher as well as submitting the rebate application. The Program has very specific requirements regarding stove qualification and voucher redemption. Massachusetts residents who wish to purchase one of our stoves and use their voucher must be aware of our protocol regarding the change out program. Eligible customers must provide the following documentation and items:

  • A valid Program voucher
  • A picture of the stove being replaced to prove that is eligible as a pre-EPA model
  • A picture of the current installation of the pre-EPA stove
  • A copy of the building permit for the new stove installation

Due to the complexity of the program, we encourage all voucher recipients interested in one of our beautiful, high efficiency wood stoves, to call us toll free at 1-800-866-4344 to review the steps. 

After we have confirmed the above items we can claim the customer’s voucher. Project completion documentation must then be provided by the customer in order for us submit the rebate application for reimbursement of the voucher. Project completion documentation consists of:

  • A picture of the new stove installed
  • A signed copy of the building permit, signed by the local building inspector, to ensure that the installation meets all applicable codes and has been completed safely 
  • Pre EPA stove that has been replaced must be returned to us for proper disposal

After the project completion documentation has been confirmed, Woodstock Soapstone Co. will submit the rebate application. Once the application has been approved and Woodstock Soapstone has received the funds for the voucher, the customer will receive a check for the voucher value from Woodstock Soapstone Co.

We have developed this protocol to help our customers take advantage of this program. As a factory direct retailer, we must rely on our customers to provide accurate information and documentation in a timely manner to meet the April 15, 2013 deadline.

Detailed information on the Commonwealth Wood Stove Change-Out Program can be found at Questions regarding Woodstock Soapstone Co. participation in the Program should be directed to (800) 866-4344 or

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