The ancient Romans called the hottest, most humid days of summer the “dog days”.  This did not pertain to all of the dogs laying around this time of year, it was because they associated this time of year with the Dog Star, which is at its brightest this time of year.

Here at Woodstock Soapstone Co., we have noticed our resident dogs are certainly laying around much more than they did in the Spring.  So, instead of linking these Dog Days to the brightest star in the sky, we’re linking these Dog Days to our brightest stars in our factory.  To commemorate our brightest stars – Tippy and Ramona – we are highlighting all dogs in our Ideal Steel Steal of the Month.  

For all of our dog lovers, this is a special Steal of the Month. We are giving you the
option of choosing from our selection of artwork that features dogs.  This is the best of two worlds!  You get exceptional pricing on one of our best selling stoves, together with the opportunity to show your love for your dog.

Just as dogs are man’s best friend, the Ideal Steel Hybrid Wood Stove will be your best friend when the icy winter winds come ripping down from the North.  Our Ideal Steel Hybrid Wood Stove will be as loyal to you as your dog is, and will protect you from whatever Old Man Winter brings to your door.

Don’t delay, this special offer is only good through the month of August.  The Dog Days of Summer are gone when August is over, so too is this offer. Give us a call today!