Our andirons are custom cut from 1/2” plate steel, and mounted on a thick hinged plate.  When the loading door is closed, the andirons are locked in place by a security tab on the door.

Your choice of andirons- or you can design your own! A small sample is shown above.

Moose Andirons in one of our test stoves

When the door is open, the andirons can be pulled forward and out of the way for loading.  The hinged plate deflects incoming air up over the coalbed and helps to ensure smoke free loading (see illustration below).

When andirons are pulled forward, for loading, their mounting plate deflects air up, away from the coal bed. Reducing the amount of air in the coal bed helps ensure smoke free loading.
In this picture, andirons have been pulled forward for loading.

The andirons are easily removable and/or replaceable.  Just lift the andiron/plate assembly, push it into the 30 degree removal slot, and take it out.

We are experimenting with the andiron geometry.  The andirons need to have enough vacant areas to let light through, while retaining enough mass for strength.

Have a good idea for andirons?  Send us your idea (in drawing or image form) and we’ll convert it into a rendering and/or sample cut and post it here!

We'll start adding the suggestions below:

Left: One of the suggested Fleur de lis images
Right: The andiron created by Woodstock Soapstone
Request Dog Breeds:
We've started by creating the Puppy Andiron (left) and the Pointer Andiron (right)