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Woodstock Soapstone Co. Updates

15 Apr2022 NESCAUM Review: Part 3
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Linked below is Part 3 of Tom Morrissey’s review of the NESCAUM “Assessment”.Part 3 questions whether any stove can be successfully tested with with the new IDC method (now ALT-140) and achieve less than 2.0 g/hr emissions and greater than 75% HH..
09 Jul2021 NESCAUM Part 1 Review Clarification
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Linked below is Tom Morrissey's reply to comments made by NESCAUM regarding part 1 of the previously posed Review.  Two of Woodstock Soapstone's stoves (with similar model numbers) were certified to EPA 2020 standards using two different approved test methods on two different dates.  These tests are..
09 Jul2021 NESCAUM Review: Part 2B
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Linked below is Part 2b of Tom Morrissey's review of the NESCAUM "Assessment".  Part 2b focuses on density, data, and invalid test runs.NESCAUM was unable to achieve the required density in a majority of its tests reviewed, rendering these tests invalid and raising red flags about their methods.  Ap..
18 Jun2021 More About the Cordwood Test Method War
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Almost concurrent with the release of our “Review Part 1” statement on May 15th, nine State Attorney Generals (from states VT, MA, RI, NY, NJ, MD, WA, OR, and AK) sent a letter to the EPA.  The letter urged the EPA to revoke the current cordwood test method (ASTM E-3053) and adopt the new method (ID..
17 Jun2021 A New War Over the Accuracy of Cordwood Test Methods
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   In March of this year the Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM) published an attack on the EPA wood stove certification process. The document, entitled “Assessment of EPA’s Residential Wood Heater Program”, claims that the EPA process is dysfunctional and a systemic failur..
30 Mar2020 Working in Isolation
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Working in IsolationWe have a small number of employees at work every day (because we have to issue paychecks, keep up with all the various state and federal requirements for employee leave, answer questions, and keep the loading docks open for shipments in and out).  When we’re not  busy with essen..
20 Mar2020 Working in Isolation
We have a small number of employees at work every day (because we have to issue paychecks, keep up with all the various state and federal requirements for employee leave, answer questions, and keep the loading docks open for shipments in and out).  When we’re not  busy with essential tasks, we h..
07 Feb2020 Exceeding 2020 EPA Standards Since 1995!
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While other manufacturers are struggling to certify stoves to the EPA 2020 standards, the wood stoves we’ve been producing since 1995 have been exceeding the new, stricter wood stove standard! For the last 25 years we have been building and selling the cleanest stoves in the United States! Mod..
09 Jan2020 Customer Installations!
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Customers have been submitting some wonderful installation images of and comments about their Woodstock Soapstone stoves recently, and we wanted to share a few of them here on our blog.  This group is a nice representation showing one of our newer wood stoves, the Progress Hybrid, our largest gas..
19 Jun2019 A (Palladian) Phoenix Rises: The Restoration of a Damaged Palladian Wood Stove
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Condition of Palladian in need of refurbishment  We have restored many stoves for customers who lost their homes, and most of their possesions, to floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires. Sometimes the only thing left standing after these disasters was our customer’s Woodstock Soapstone stove. Ma..
18 Apr2019 New Product Development -Custom Architectural Steel?
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If you’ve ever come across a beautiful metal cut gate, a privacy screen, metal wall art, or CortenTM siding in an architectural magazine or online, you may have thought briefly of wanting to incorporate something similar into your own home. Likely, your consideration of architectural metal stopped t..
04 Apr2018 News Update: Navajo Stove Project
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News Update - Navajo Stove Project Below is a brief video interview with our Navajo Beta tester Robert Owen, from mid March, 2018.  Robert is one of our Navajo beta testers whose stove was installed this January, 2018.   It’s a little bit unclear in the video, but in the six weeks between his i..
14 Feb2018 Tax Credit for 2017 Stove Purchase
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For those of you who purchased, and installed, a Woodstock Soapstone Co. wood stove in 2017 - we have good news! The very popular residential “Home Energy Tax Credit” for Energy Star certified improvements which had expired, was retroactively restored for 2017. The amount of the tax credit for a..
09 Feb2018 It's Seed Catalogue Time!
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The thrill of getting the first seed catalogue in the mail! Gardeners have historically heralded the arrival of garden catalogues in February. The arrival of the catalogues in their mailboxes signals the proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel”- yes, there will be Spring! The practice of going ..
18 Jan2018 Final Reflections on the Installation for the Hogan
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Will, explaining to dad how to have a smoke-free start-up and how to operate the stove, and Robert (dad), teaching Will  about the Four Sacred Mountains. Yá’át’ééh (Hello in Navajo), We’ve posted about our recent installation in a Navajo Hogan several times. We feel a real kinshi..
13 Jan2018 Navajo Nation Project Update!
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Navajo Hogan It’s gratifying to make a difference! On Friday, January 12th, our team visited the Navajo hogan where they had installed a stove on Wednesday.  The stove was burning away merrily in the center of the hogan.  Outside, there was no smoke coming out of the stack.  A clean burn! But ..
11 Jan2018 More Photos of the Navajo Nation Project
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Contemporary Hogan Home We are getting towards the end of the first week of the first round of installing the Navajo Stoves.  We are replacing the stoves that were left there last March for beta testing. These are photos from Tuesday’s demonstration installation near Window Rock, Arizona.  The..
26 Oct2016 Smiling Faces Abound at Our Open House!
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Although the weather was dreary on October 22nd, our Open House was anything but!  We saw smiling faces around every corner.  The beer was flowing, the burgers were grilling and the stoves were getting a lot of love and appreciation.    We would like to thank everyone who made the trek to..
03 Oct2016 There’s Going to Be an Open House & Wood Stove Sale!
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When Fall comes to New England, it is a time of harvest, homecomings, and open house gatherings.  Here at the Woodstock Soapstone Company, we are indeed having an Open House on October 22, 2016, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm – mark your calendars! If you are able to come by, we would love to see you..
30 Aug2016 Labor Day Sale!
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It is almost Labor Day, and we are busy getting our barbques ready to fire up.  However, it won’t be long now, and we will be firing up our woodstoves.  The autumn air brings a chill in the morning, and in the evening; a chill that our Woodstock Soapstone woodstoves can easily dispel. Get a jum..
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