Here are a couple images of a prototype stove lamp. We experimented with TEGs (Thermoelectric Generator) when developing our IDEAL STEEL Hybrid.  Originally we thought we would need the current to power a small fan to pressurize the secondary air supply, but it turns out the fan was not necessary.

The TEG supplies a small amount of current. While the TEG is not very efficient, the current is free and will generate enough power to charge a cell phone or, in this case, power a light.

Since we already had TEGs attached to the stove, we designed a prototype stove lamp with a swing arm.  It clamps to the pipe (sorry, no rear-vent version yet). We use a chinois sieve for the shade, but if we were to produce them we would use perforated metal.  The light is an LED and will stay on almost all of the time the stove is warm. If you were to lose power, the stove would provide heat, a cooking surface, and light. The light is right over the cooktop, where you would need it.

Woodstove Lamp