The proposed new EPA regulations have prompted some attacks on catalytic stoves and hybrid wood stoves.  And even more eye opening, there have been some unfounded and unjustifiable comments about the owners of these stoves.

Woodstock Soapstone Company values its owners.  For 36 years we have made every effort to assist our owners, and we consider them to be our friends as well as our valued customers.  We think criticisms of catalytic/hybrid stove owners for failing to maintain or operate their stoves correctly, at least as it might be directed at our owners, is completely baseless and false.  

The attacks have been widespread and orchestrated by noncatalytic stove manufacturers and their retail dealers. Noncatalytic stove manufacturers hope to get higher emission limits by discrediting catalysts.  Our purpose in this article is to inform our owners and friends about what has been going on in our industry and to educate them about some of the important differences between the technologies involved.  It will help to explain why we have a petition in support of EPA, and more specifically why we petition in support of (a) a single standard for all woodburning devices, and (b) full and complete public disclosure of test results relating to (1) tested efficiency, (2) particulate emissions, (3) carbon monoxide emissions, and (4) cordwood results.

We feel it is important to respond, particularly when the attacks are based on misinformation and disinformation.  This post is long.  Click this link to read the full pdf  (9 pages)