The IDEAL STEEL Hybrid is 30% more efficient than the average noncatalytic stove.** This means that 30% more heat stays in your house, rather than going up the stack.  Another way of looking at it is that with an IDEAL STEEL Hybrid (82% Efficiency) 18% of the heat produced goes up the stack, but with the average noncatalytic stove 37% of the heat produced goes up the stack.  That’s a huge difference in performance.

Most serious woodburners operate their stoves at around 1.00-1.5 kgs/hr.  You’ll get up to 131,000 extra BTU’s per day with higher efficiency.  Independent lab testing has confirmed these high efficiencies with cordwood, so you can be sure that you’ll get more heat, or burn less wood, or both!

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** For the mathematically challenged, the increase in efficiency from 63% to 82% is a 30% improvement (82/63=1.302).  This is a huge increase.