When Doug and his wife Amanda came in to pick out the colors for their Ideal Steel beta stove, Amanda quickly took over the reins to create a color combination that would work well in their home.

Speaking honestly, when Amanda told me she was interested in light colors (Almond body/Surf Sand accents),  I was concerned that the stove would look like a massive utilitarian appliance. However, in keeping with "not just another black box", we were excited to see how the stove would look when all was said and done.

Much to our surprise, (not Amanda's, she was very confident in her choice) the stove turned out very well and it's received many compliments when it was posted on Facebook.

Beta stove finished and ready for the first firing in the factory

Almond/Surf Sand Ideal Steel Beta installed

After the first few days of burning, I received the following email from Doug:

"Here is some empirical data: Previously the dog would start the night in front of the fire and eventually migrate to her crate as the stove cooled. Now when I wake up I find her laying in front of the Woodstock. Sound asleep."

In dogs we trust!