While other manufacturers are struggling to certify stoves to the EPA 2020 standards, the wood stoves we’ve been producing since 1995 have been exceeding the new, stricter wood stove standard!

For the last 25 years we have been building and selling the cleanest stoves in the United States!

Model 205, Fireview - Same Design Since 1995!

We just submitted our flagship stove, Model 205, Fireview for the stringent new 2020 EPA Testing with Cordwood.  In 1995, the Fireview passed the EPA Standards (using then prescribed crib fuel) with an emissions rate of 1.34 gm/hr.  In January 2020, the Fireview passed the 2020 EPA Standard, using cordwood, with an emissions rate of 1.12 gm/hr.

Here is a summary of the Fireview cordwood results (2020 EPA Std):
Output: 7,606 - 46,460 BTU/hr
Average Emissions:  1.12 gm/hr

Average Efficiency (HHV Basis):  77.71%
Average Efficiency (LHV Basis):  83.61%


Model 205 Fireview during 2020 EPA Testing

We will be sending in our Keystone/Palladian Models for testing shortly, and we expect similar results.  The Keystone /Palladian Models passed the EPA Standard 28 years ago with average emissions of just 1.9 gm/hr. - kind of an outlier in those days.  But we know it will also pass the current 2020 standard without any problems.

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