We received the very sad news today that a very active customer of ours, Charlie Wolz, passed away on February 8th.

We first met Charlie in person in May of 2012 when he and his wife, Maribeth, came to see our stoves. This meeting was just the beginning of our relationship with Charlie.  Charlie went on to purchase  a Fireview stove, but due to the age (circa 1840) and size of the home, decided to utilize the 6 month buy back, to exchange the Fireview in for the larger Progress.

Charlie's dog, Benny, with the original Fireview

Throughout the two short years of knowing Charlie, we had many conversations about his stoves and wood burning in general,  and Charlie became a big proponent of our company and our work on the Ideal Steel Stove, and was always at the ready to offer a helpful thought or suggestion. It's customers like Charlie who have helped to to make the Woodstock Soapstone story brighter and richer.

Benny and his Progress Hybrid

After Charlie & Maribeth came up to exchange stoves, we received the following email:

"Thanks for all your time today... We had a blast! Beer was good at the 7 Barrels Brewery... as was the food... Had the Dublin Brown Ale, yummy! Thanks for the cricket.... I’ll bring you some growlers next time I stop in!"

      Charlie & Maribeth Wolz

Charlie, it looks like we'll have to put the growlers on hold for a while.

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