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06 Feb2014 Bow, NH Beta Tester: Stove Design
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One of the interesting aspects of our Ideal Steel Hybrid, is that the side medallion, burners, and andirons can be customized. Kurt, our beta tester in Bow NH, decided to submit a photograph for a customized art set. Below is the file Kurt originally sent,  followed by the side medallion and andi..
24 Jan2014 A Quick Note and Pictures from a New Beta Tester
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"I just wanted to send a quick note.  First off, thank you for including me in this beta test and thank you for the quick ship on the parts. It's all up and running!  The house is nice and toasty again.  Here are a couple of quick pics from last night. I already like it.  It puts out..
14 Mar2011 Design Process
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For those who have been waiting patiently for further details on our new stove, here are a few new images.The close-up images on the left show the decorative details of the corner cast. The corner cast has a rounded pillar appearance that runs down to the base of the corner, while the top of the cor..
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