How long will the Ideal Steel Hybrid burn?  It's an important question that many people will ask.  We have designed the Ideal Steel Hybrid to achieve easy overnight burns, and we will likely advertise burn times of 12-14 hours because this is both conservative and completely validated by our independent EPA and efficiency testing, our lab experience, and the firebox size of the Ideal Steel Hybrid

Will it burn longer than 14 hours?  The answer is yes.  Historically we've been conservative in stating the length of burn time for all of our woodstoves, to account for varying wood quality and user inexperience.  An experienced woodburner with quality seasoned hardwood will be able to achieve longer burns.

One of our beta testers, Brian in PA, knows what he's doing and has been experimenting with ultra long burns. Below are his pictures and videos showing the stove throughout a 24 hour long burn!

If you are interested in seeing Brian's full postings about his 24 hour long test burn, please visit the Firewood Hoarders Forum, where he's been keeping an in depth log.  Below is a picture of Brian's fuel load for the 24 hour burn.  This link has a detailed discussion of his long burn.

3"x6"& 4"x6"oak blocks seasoned since Feb 2012,
with lengths ranging from 8"-14".