The cooktop consists of three burners.  The center burner always has a decorative design.  The outside burners are held in place with centering pins, and the middle burner is fastened to an 8” round cutout in the top.  The burners are different heights, to create a temperature variation across the burners (data on that later).

The center burner is a little thicker than the outside burners.  The center burner also lifts out (with a “helping hand”) to reveal a stainless steel shield just above the active combustor - creating a VERY HOT cooking space - perfect for a wok, or sauteing at very high temperatures.  This is the high burner!

The Helping Hand will lift the burner or open the door when the
stove is hot. It stores on the back of the stove.

The center burner can be removed for high heat cooking.
Under the burner is a stainless steel shield, and the intense
heat of the catalytic combustor!