The Ideal Steel Hybrid achieved weighted average emissions of 0.54 gm/hr using method 5G3, and an “Adjusted Emissions” of 1.04 gm/hr.  The adjustment factor was created in 1988 to account for prospective differences in test methods, and is currently the result published by EPA.  The new EPA regulations propose to eliminate the adjustment factor.  In any case, the Ideal Steel Hybrid will have among the lowest, if not the lowest, emissions among affordably priced stoves.

Further, the Ideal Steel Hybrid has the lowest “high burn” emissions on record.  Normally, the way manufacturers lower the “weighted average” emissions is to limit the high burn rate to under 40,000 BTUs/hr, because emissions generally go up as output goes up.  The Ideal Steel Hybrid emits a record low 1.3 gm/hr at 60,000 BTU/hr, in large part due to the addition of an automatic catalyst air intake (see Under The Hood 4: Catalyst Air:  We apply an old idea in a new setting).

The Ideal Steel Hybrid will meet any new EPA Standard, no matter how stringent, with very high efficiency and very low emissions.