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15 Apr2022 NESCAUM Review: Part 3
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Linked below is Part 3 of Tom Morrissey’s review of the NESCAUM “Assessment”.Part 3 questions whether any stove can be successfully tested with with the new IDC method (now ALT-140) and achieve less than 2.0 g/hr emissions and greater than 75% HH..
09 Jul2021 NESCAUM Part 1 Review Clarification
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Linked below is Tom Morrissey's reply to comments made by NESCAUM regarding part 1 of the previously posed Review.  Two of Woodstock Soapstone's stoves (with similar model numbers) were certified to EPA 2020 standards using two different approved test methods on two different dates.  These tests are..
09 Jul2021 NESCAUM Review: Part 2B
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Linked below is Part 2b of Tom Morrissey's review of the NESCAUM "Assessment".  Part 2b focuses on density, data, and invalid test runs.NESCAUM was unable to achieve the required density in a majority of its tests reviewed, rendering these tests invalid and raising red flags about their methods.  Ap..
18 Jun2021 More About the Cordwood Test Method War
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Almost concurrent with the release of our “Review Part 1” statement on May 15th, nine State Attorney Generals (from states VT, MA, RI, NY, NJ, MD, WA, OR, and AK) sent a letter to the EPA.  The letter urged the EPA to revoke the current cordwood test method (ASTM E-3053) and adopt the new method (ID..
17 Jun2021 A New War Over the Accuracy of Cordwood Test Methods
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   In March of this year the Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM) published an attack on the EPA wood stove certification process. The document, entitled “Assessment of EPA’s Residential Wood Heater Program”, claims that the EPA process is dysfunctional and a systemic failur..
07 Feb2020 Exceeding 2020 EPA Standards Since 1995!
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While other manufacturers are struggling to certify stoves to the EPA 2020 standards, the wood stoves we’ve been producing since 1995 have been exceeding the new, stricter wood stove standard! For the last 25 years we have been building and selling the cleanest stoves in the United States! Mod..
12 Apr2016 How to build a shoulder-season fire in a cold stove, with virtually no emissions and no effort or maintenance after you light the match!  (Part 2)
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There are some very respectable technical and scientific reasons why a “top down” fire works best when staring a cold stove.  Here are a few reasons: First:  The distribution of oxygen to the hottest spot is better in a “top down” start-up.  Complete combustion requires adequate oxygen, and when the..
22 Mar2016 Hybrid Clarifications
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After our last hybrid email and blog post, we received requests for additional clarification about hybrid combustion. What is the difference between a hybrid stove and a stove with a catalytic combustor or secondary combustion? The definition of hybrid is “a thing made by combining..
18 Mar2016 Outdoor Air Quality vs Indoor Air Quality. What is the difference?
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The short answer is that there is no difference.  Outdoor Air becomes Indoor Air.  Most of us spend more time indoors than out, so the quality of Indoor Air is just as important as Outdoor Air.  Perhaps even more. A lot of people don’t give much thought to Outdoor Air Quality.  We at Woodstock Soap..
16 Mar2016 Q&A about Hybrid Stoves
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As a factory direct company, we get calls everyday with customers asking questions about our hybrid technology. If you are curious about hybrid technology but have not called, please read our Q&A addressing some of the most commonly asked questions, and be sure to comment below if you have a que..
02 Mar2016 R2Z Detour: Introducing Our First Test Stove
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As we noted in an earlier post, we are taking a slight detour in our Race to Zero.  We are testing older stoves made in the 1970s and 1980s.  Stoves which were made with little technology to reduce emissions or improve efficiency. Huntsman Stove - Before the Makeover Our first test stove is a “Hu..
22 Feb2016 R2Z Detour: Once There was a Thought...
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In the beginning, there was a thought, and that thought grew into an idea, which became a project. And that was good.  We here at Woodstock Soapstone are always creating, tinkering and thinking outside the firebox.  There are a lot of old woodstoves still in service that predate EPA regulations...
04 Jan2012 Progress EPA Numbers
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Below are EPA test report numbers for the Progress Hybrid Wood Stove. For more information about our Progress Hybrid Wood Stove, click here...
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