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07 Feb2020 Exceeding 2020 EPA Standards Since 1995!
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While other manufacturers are struggling to certify stoves to the EPA 2020 standards, the wood stoves we’ve been producing since 1995 have been exceeding the new, stricter wood stove standard! For the last 25 years we have been building and selling the cleanest stoves in the United States! Mod..
19 Jun2019 A (Palladian) Phoenix Rises: The Restoration of a Damaged Palladian Wood Stove
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Condition of Palladian in need of refurbishment  We have restored many stoves for customers who lost their homes, and most of their possesions, to floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires. Sometimes the only thing left standing after these disasters was our customer’s Woodstock Soapstone stove. Ma..
16 Aug2016 Ouch!
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It was an "ouch" moment for us, but it has been turned into an "ahh" moment for you.   We had an unfortunate morning last Friday, when our website went down.  We apologize for this mishap, and hope you did not encounter the same frustration we experienced.  This issue has been addressed and r..
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