End of a long day

As our team winds down their delivery and installation of the new stoves on the Navajo American Indian Reservation, we thought we’d take a moment to share a little of their adventures.

Mud Season comes early in the Southwestern part of the United States.  This was only one of the challenges for our crew.  Needing to be up on the road before the sun melted the frozen mud ruts, then park the rental truck on higher ground to be able to drive out when the job was finished.  Some locations required a hike out at the end of a long day.
Hiking back to the truck
Another challenge was figuring how to install Class A pipe in a Navajo American Indian Hogan.  Maintaining proper clearance, with safety first practices – the most difficult aspect of this was installing the pipe and the flashing.  Our crew was up to the task and came through with flying colors.

Finding stoves that did not have proper clearance was another problem to repair, whew, this one was close!  

Each day brought new adventures!  New challenges presented themselves, but the crew persevered. Installations were completed, chimney pipe was connected, and inspections were passed. 

Connecting the roof flashing
Roof flashing, support boxes, storm collars - oh my!

Attaching the support box

The general consensus is; it was a successful journey.  We now wait for feedback from those that are using the stoves to determine what works well, and what needs improvement.   We will most likely make a return trip in about a month to check-in with our testers, and we will install a few more stoves at that time.

Cleaning the mud off!

We look forward to our crew returning to our factory!

Resting at the end of the day