Thanks to everyone who offered to be a beta tester!  We are moderately swamped.  Initially we will keep the stoves close to home (NE/Eastern NY).  Our focus is on testing under different draft conditions (and both top and rear exits) to focus on front window cleanness,  smoke-free loading, and ease of operation.

On Beta testing the stove: 
  • It won’t cost anything (well, a tester would have to provide his/her wood and install the stove).  We would pay for freight both ways, if necessary;
  • We would want to have access to the stove during the test period, and get stoves back here after the test period for inspection and analysis;
  • We would want the tester to communicate his/her findings to us regularly, and agree to publication;
  • Rear Flue Height is centered at 29.5”.  The leg height is adjustable, and the flue outlet can be lowered to 25.5” on center (to go under a 28.5” fireplace lintel).  Low flue height could only be tested on a solid masonry hearth at this point (until UL testing is complete).  Fireplace test installations would have to have masonry hearths (flat or raised).
  • The stove weighs about 500 pounds.  Front-loading only.  6” flue outlet.  Minimum hearth requirements are 44” wide x  48 deep.  We will provide installation documents.
More information about beta-testing coming next week...