Arbor Day is a day celebrated around the world to commemorate the importance of trees, by planting some.  The first U.S. Arbor Day was in April 1872, originating in Nebraska.  

Arbor Day Side Medallion
This month we are celebrating Arbor Day at Woodstock Soapstone by adorning our Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove with the April Steal of the Month artwork comprising of majestic trees.   Deciduous, coniferous, fruit trees, and nut trees, we love them all!

Trees provide food, shelter, heat, and shade.  We cultivate some, harbor others, and maintain sustainability through woodlot management and forest conservation.  It is important to nurture this valuable local source of renewable energy. 

Arbor Day Burners

Arbor Day Acorn Tool Hanger
Arbor Day
Acorn Tools
Join us this month in honoring the trees by taking advantage of our fantastic Steal of the Month celebrating Arbor Day.  You will admire the beauty of the mighty oak while you enjoy the heat your mighty Ideal Steel is providing.  And, you will appreciate the matching tool set with the acorn motif.

Give our customer service team a call today at 800-866-4344 to find out how much money you can save when you purchase an Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove during our 40th Anniversary Sale.  We are having a special sale on a special stove.  Don’t delay, at the end of this month, this tree-mendous opportunity will be making like a tree and leaving!

Arbor Day Andirons