With the recent cold snap, we are getting more and more images of our beautiful, high efficiency stoves from customers in different parts of the country. Below are a few of our newest images, and we're sure more will be coming!

The first two pictures below show the Absolute Steel Hu Absolute Steel Hybrid, Great Plain model. Installation is in Moscow, PA. The Absolute has been busy keeping Sadie the dog nice and warm!

The Ideal Steel Hybrid wood Ideal Steel Hybrid Wood Stove below was recently installed in Woodstock, VT (where our company got it's start back in 1978).

 The Fireview wood stove, shown below, is installed in Brazil, Indiana. If you look closely, you'll see a very content cat napping to the left of the stove.

It's obvious that most pets are grateful for their wood stoves! Here's Ivy in Valatie, NY heating up by her Progress Hybrid wood stove.


We hope you enjoy the new round of images!