Everyone knows February is the month to celebrate love and here at Woodstock Soapstone Company love burns brightly every day in more ways than one!

For over 40 years now Woodstock Soapstone has been passionate about the design and manufacturing of comforting and affordable wood heat. This month’s Ideal Steal is a celebration of that long burning love, for both the stoves as well as the lasting friendships we’ve made with our great customers. 

February Steal of the Month Design YOUR HEART IS IN MY HEART

And, perhaps very sentimental, but E. E. Cummings poem, YOUR HEART IS IN MY HEART, provided much of the inspiration behind this Steal of the Month's design. 
February’s simple intertwining of two hearts to make one, wrapped around an infinity symbol conveys the endless possibilities the power of love can hold. Simple and sweet, but also a clear reminder of how limitless our hearts actually are when they open to another. 


As usual, this Ideal Steal package comes with "The Works", which includes a built-in ash pan, soapstone firebox liner, soapstone side panels, and February design set. Plus, a free three piece tools set and tool hanger will be included!

Free 3 piece tool set & tool hanger

If you are finding your old stove to be in need of retirement, do the “loving” thing NOW and let the award-winning Ideal Steel Hybrid become the new “sweetie” in your home.  It’s a relationship with a guarantee and one you will certainly enjoy many benefits from.