Winter can be full of fun with winter sports such as skating. Oh, the thrill of gliding across the ice with the chilly air sweeping past your face; the glory of steel blades under your feet as you fly across the frozen pond. There is a lot to love about ice-skating in the winter.

Sometimes referred to as steel ballet, figure skating is the oldest sport currently on the Olympic program. As early as 1908, men and women were competing in the winter Olympics, showing off their skating skills. In celebration of this year’s upcoming Olympics, we are showing off our artistic skills by adorning our Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove with skaters and snowflakes.

Winter Skating Burners for Ideal Steel Hybrid

Peggy Flemming, Sara Hughes, Scott Hamilton and Brian Boitano all knew how to bring home the gold. Now you can bring home an all-star winner when you purchase our Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove. Our Ideal Steel is the “Gold” winner of the 2013 International Woodstove Design Challenge Decathalon Prize. There is a wonderful article about this prize-winning stove in Popular Mechanics.

Winter Skating Side Medallion

When you have an Ideal Steel wood stove in your home, you too will feel like a gold medal winner. Our Ideal Steel wood stove will easily go the distance, with a 12-14 hr burn time, and will heat large areas comfortably. An 82% EPA tested efficiency, and average emissions of 1.04 grams/hour, means that the Ideal Steel will produce up to 131,000 more BTU’s per day than a standard non-catalytic stove, making it one of the best wood stoves on the market.

Don’t delay on this Steal of the Month special. Give our customer service team a call today at (800) 866-4344, so you too can bring home the gold!

Winter Skating Andirons