We can smell winter in the air- can you? Pine trees, cinnamon, wood smoke and snow, these are all smells we associate with winter.  Outside, the newly fallen snow is clinging to pine branches, and inside wood stoves are keeping us cozy and warm.  Winter is definitely here.

Side Medallion
Winter smells different than summer for a good reason, the molecules that create smells and odors move more slowly, creating fewer aromas. Plus, the landscape has changed, with a whole new set of fragrances. Gone are the flowers, grass, pollen, and enter the pine needles, wood, and dried herbs. Snow itself can have a smell, with a composition of chemicals that some folks can actually detect with their nose. They really can smell snow in the air.

Here at Woodstock Soapstone, we prefer to think we smell memories; memories of sledding, skiing and snowboarding, building snowmen, and tossing snowballs with family and friends. The smell of snow in the air is reminiscent of these moments in our lives and takes us to those special wintry days with a smile.  

Our Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove will bring a smile to your face when you gather your family around the warmth and comfort this stove creates in your home. The Ideal Steel Steal of the month for December adds the wonder of woodland creatures, combined with the magic of snow. Create some memories with your family this winter as you gather around your stove with the magic of winter designs from our December Ideal Steel Steal of the Month. 
Our customer service team is happy to receive your call. We are ready to assist you with your color choice, shipping inquiries and any other questions you may have about our stoves. Call 1-800-866-4344 today. Don’t wait too long; the December Steal of The Month will be heading south with Father Time at the end of the year.