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Ideal Steel Hybrid

08 Oct2016 It's All About the Leaves...
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Crisp apples, cool evenings and leaves of gold and red, that’s what Autumn in New England is all about.  Millions of leaves turning red, orange, gold and yellow showing off their colors across the green and white mountains.  This is the quintessential picture that comes to us during this time of ..
20 Sep2016 The Moose Is Not Loose!
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Looking for a moose sighting?  The moose is no longer on the loose, we have one, perhaps two, here at the Woodstock Soapstone Company. Fall is the season when the question "where are the best places for moose sightings?" is often heard.  This month, the answer is right here!  If you visit us..
16 Aug2016 Ouch!
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It was an "ouch" moment for us, but it has been turned into an "ahh" moment for you.   We had an unfortunate morning last Friday, when our website went down.  We apologize for this mishap, and hope you did not encounter the same frustration we experienced.  This issue has been addressed and r..
15 Aug2016 It's the Dog Days of Summer!
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The ancient Romans called the hottest, most humid days of summer the “dog days”.  This did not pertain to all of the dogs laying around this time of year, it was because they associated this time of year with the Dog Star, which is at its brightest this time of year. Here at Woodstock Soapsto..
12 Jul2016 Flowers and Water, Not Your Average Wood Stove
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Blue Water Lily   Water lilies grow in all climates, all over the world, from tropical to temperate. And, just as the water lily can survive in the rugged terrain of Northern Canada and Alaska, our Ideal Steel Hybrid Wood Stove will enable you to survive the cold when the harsh winter weather ..
04 Jun2016 Summer Is Here and the “Livin’ Is Easy”
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We have entered into the sixth month of our calendar year – half way through 2016!  June is here, and we are thrilled, what’s not to love about Summer Solstice?  Ideal Steal Swan Andirons June brings summer, weddings, and celebration.  Named after Juno, the Goddess of Marriage and Protector of W..
05 May2016 Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Us - Ideal Steel Steal of the Month
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May is upon us, and we are in a celebratory mood here at the Woodstock Soapstone Company.  May brings us, among other holidays, Cinco de Mayo.  Our Ideal Steel Steal of the month honors our Southern Neighbors who are commemorating a military victory over France, which happened on May 5, 1862.  “This..
05 May2016 January Steal of the Month: Wolf Moon
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The Wolf Moon arrives on January 23, 2016.  In the Native American tradition, the full moon for each month has a name.   The January Moon is also known as the Snow Moon, North Moon or Cold Moon.   We all know January brings cold weather and darker days.  One of the symbolic meanings of the Wolf Moo..
27 Oct2015 Table Scraps #4: Acorn and Oak Leaf Tools
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For the October Steal of the Month we made tools with an Acorn & Oak Leaf handle, which you see below:The tools have an Acorn & Oak Leaf tool hanger, which snaps onto the side of the Ideal Steel Hybrid...
19 Oct2015 October STEAL of the Month!
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 Every month we plan to feature select Ideal Steel Hybrid designs for a special "Steal of the Month".The month of October features an autumnal theme of Apples & Acorns. Customers who order the "Steal of the Month" get a set of the featured art FREE as well as a package deal which includes an ash pan..
25 Aug2015 Our August Steal of the Month ends next Monday!
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Time is running out on our August Steal of the Month. Order by next Monday, August 31, and get all this:An Award-Winning Ideal Steel Hybrid woodstove with record setting 82% efficiency and low 1.0 g/hr emissions.Totally Free Owl art, see 3 choices at right, (click here to visit full design book). Wo..
17 Aug2015 Table Scraps #3: Owl Tool Holder
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Oops!  We almost forgot to mention that there is an Ideal Steel tool holder for the Owl tools.The tool holder hooks into the side of the Ideal Steel Hybrid, and has three holes and two hooks.  It’s deep enough to put your coffee cup on for a few minutes while you rake the ashes.Owl tool holder with ..
13 Aug2015 Table Scraps #2:  Fireplace Tools
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When we cut sheets of steel, there is sometimes a strip of metal along the edge that we can’t fully utilize.  So, long and narrow fireplace tools fit perfectly!  With our Ideal Steal of the Month, we introduced our first fireplace tools - the Owl Poker, Shovel, and Rake.We make the 3 dimensional too..
08 Aug2015 We're going to the dogs...
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We’ve always been a dog-friendly business, and there have always been (quiet, well-behaved) dogs who come to work with their owners.  So we totally understand why some of our customers want to memorialize their dogs on their stoves.  Seems like a good idea to us, too.  In today’s mail, we got a pict..
29 May2015 Burning with Patriotic Pride:
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A toaster... a lamp, hairbrush, a car...when was the last time you bought something that was all-American made? It’s a fact that manufacturing in the United States has waned over the past few decades BUT there are exciting stories of companies like Woodstock Soapstone who are firing-up the old Yanke..
06 Mar2015 Hybrid Sale Through April 10, 2015
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Our two hybrid woodstoves – the PROGRESS Hybrid and the IDEAL STEEL Hybrid – are the showcases of this promotion.  In addition to FREE SHIPPING up to $250, savings on the stoves are also significant. We will not have such low Hybrid prices again this year, and this will be the last opportunity to pu..
04 Mar2015 MORE New Designs!
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We’ve been so busy catching up with our backorder, that we haven’t had time to post new designs during the last few months.  Here are a few more designs we have worked out for different customersCommon LoonMenorahCeltic Cross/Tree of Life/GriffinBees RosetteMonogram/Nautical Skiers/Snowflake Andiron..
03 Mar2015 Hybrid MANIA! Turning Woodstoves into Art
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Our Geared 2U Design Team along with all the many imaginative Ideal Steel Hybrid owners are creating stoves that are far more than just steel boxes of heat. We are “fired-up” with excitement at Woodstock Soapstone these days because things are really starting to roll with our new custom stove design..
28 Aug2014 Ideal Steel Hybrid: Completed Stoves and New Designs
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Below is a sampling of the stoves that were completed and shipped from our factory today. The State of Maine and Log Cabin Side Design were custom requests from our customers. To see the designs in our online design book, click here. (More designs are added every week!) ..
26 Aug2014 Why Catalytic & Hybrid Stoves are the Cleanest Burning Cordwood Stoves in America
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The Ideal Steel Hybrid has the highest efficiency of over 700 stoves tested to EPA standards, and a low 1.0 gm/hr emissions.  But the news just gets better.  When you burn cordwood in the Ideal Steel Hybrid, the efficiency is just as high, but the emissions are even lower. All non-catalytic sto..
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