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Woodstock Soapstone Co. Updates

12 Jun2015 Company Profile: Johnny Laser & Big Orange
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Ever driven a Ferrari? Johnny Laser drives one least one that cuts metal.  Since October 2014, Woodstock’s factory floor has been graced by Big Orange, a metal-cutting laser, and it’s been performing its high-speed duties ever since. This machine can cut 4’x8’ sheets of steel in 15-60 ..
11 Mar2015 How wood stove builders commute to work
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Lots of snow this winter.  But some people really enjoy snowy commutes!These machines have heated seats, heated handgrips......and we are told they are quite comfortable for a 25 mile commute through the hills of New Hampshire..
26 Feb2015 We are ahead of the game!
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Check out the EPA’s new 2015 woodstove regulations and see how Woodstock Soapstone Co. “measures-up”.  It’s great news!New 2015 Changes in EPA Standards for WoodstovesOn February 3, 2015 the US EPA issued new regulations covering the emissions standards for wood burning stoves. In brief, the new rul..
18 Apr2014 Lifting the Curtain for a Look at Wood Stove Politics
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The proposed new EPA regulations have prompted some attacks on catalytic stoves and hybrid wood stoves.  And even more eye opening, there have been some unfounded and unjustifiable comments about the owners of these stoves. Woodstock Soapstone Company values its owners.  For 36 years we have ..
07 Apr2014 Our Favorite Beta Tester Comment EVER!
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4/7/14 "Loaded the stove 75% full as we were headed out the door for the hospital.  Sydney was born that morning.  We came home 3 days later and still had enough coals in the IS to start a fire, easily.  56 hours later!!!" Doug K.  Newbury, VT..
31 Mar2014 Discussion of comments on our petition
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 Our petition in support of cleaner stoves and cleaner air has reached 500 signatures in just five days.  Please click here to sign if you haven’t already signed. The most frequent comments that we have received by far have been “I want to do my part to help keep the air we breathe clean.“  ..
28 Mar2014 Even MORE Petition Comments!
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The comments just keep coming... they are mostly from our owners.  WHAT A GREAT GROUP OF OWNERS!  Comments are running about 80 to one in favor of our petition, and we will answer some of the negative comments/objections (there aren’t many!) on Monday.  In the meantime, thanks to everyone who has..
20 Nov2013 Wood Stove Design Challenge: Award Sharing and Collaboration
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Last evening Tom Morrissey accepted the grand prize in the Wood Stove Design Challenge, as well as the award for most affordable. In doing so, Tom shared a portion of the $25,000 award with two other innovators that had come to DC on a shoestring budget and with no corporate support.Matt Remine from..
19 Nov2013 Wood Stove Design Challenge: Woodstock Wins the Grand Prize!
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After a lot of hard work from a dedicated team, Woodstock Soapstone's Ideal Steel Hybrid was awarded the Grand Prize at the Wood Stove Design Challenge!I'll post more on this as information comes in and by next week we should have a video of the event ready to add to our Blog and You Tube Channel!Ag..
02 Nov2013 Woodstock Soapstone on NPR's Marketplace
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Tom Morrissey, president of Woodstock Soapstone, was interviewed and featured on NPRs Marketplace last night 11/1/13.  Please click on the link and take a listen to New England cranks up its wood-burning stoves on Marketplace.Click here to link to Marketplace's story "New England cranks up its wood-..
30 Oct2013 Join us in Washington DC - Hoodies and T's for Owners
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We’ll have t-shirts and hoodies with our new logo available for our existing customers at the event on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. (November 15-18).  Just stop by our contest stove and we'll get you fitted up!For more information about the Wood Stove Decathlon, please click here.Tees & Hoo..
13 Sep2013 Two Recent Items from the Mail Bag...It's what keeps us going.
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First, one of our young customers recently sent us a note and some pictures that we just had to share.Second, an Email from a Progress Hybrid owner:Dear folks,I had to write to tell you how pleased we are with our Progress Hybrid Woodstove. First of all, it is so beautiful to see in my hearth. But w..
23 Aug2013 BBB rates wood stove manufacturers!
12 Feb2013 Commonwealth Wood Stove Change-Out
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The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center is coordinating a program aimed at replacing older, inefficient, and polluting wood stoves with modern EPA certified wood stoves that offer much greater efficiency and are far cleaner burning.Woodstock Soapstone Co. firmly believes that the future of wood burnin..
27 Apr2012 NH Chronicle Filming at Woodstock Soapstone!
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Mark your calendars and tune into Channel 9, WMUR out of Manchester, NH the week of March 12th to see the Woodstock Soapstone Co. highlighted on NH Chronicle. For information about NH Chronicle visit: We will be su..
13 Aug2011 ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE/BBQ/ GALA Friday & Saturday, October 7-8, 2011
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Door prizes, Live music, BBQ, Factory tours, Stove deals&Introduction of the PROGRESS, our New Hybrid Woodstove!Please join us for our annual gathering. Last year we celebrated by burning our mortgage – the last little bit of debt on our books. Click here to view a video of our 2010 Open House. This..
22 Sep2010 2010 Open House & Mortgage Burning Celebration Video
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