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10 Feb2011 Catalytic Comeback
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Woodstock is often asked why we use the catalytic combustor technology in our soapstone woodstoves. The article in the February, 2011 issue of "Hearth & Home" magazine provides a relevant look at the long term benefits and evolution of the catalytic combustor. Please read below or click here for the..
26 Jan2011 Designer's Scale Model
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To give everyone a better sense of scale, we have a side by side rough comparison of our current Fireview stove and the Designer's Stove Model of the New Stove (both front and side view). This is not a perfect comparison. As you may notice, the body of the new stove is currently resting on..
12 Jan2011 Masonry Heater
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So, we got a little carried away and ended up with a stove ten times bigger than we planned. Just kidding... but this slide show is the first glimpse of our new stealth project, a soapstone masonry heater, which we just built in concert with our soapstone supplier. We're working on re-designi..
11 Dec2010 CAD models of new stove with plinth
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For some fireplace installations, the height of our new stove can be reduced by replacing the legs with a plinth base. An ash pan isn't available on the plinth model. ..
06 Dec2010 CAD Models of Our New Hybrid Stove
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Our new stove... will have the same eight-sided geometry as our popular Fireview model, but will have a larger firebox and higher BTU rating. These are Solidworks models only. The cast iron frame will have more detail than shown in these models but not as much ornamentation as the Fireview. ..
22 Sep2010 2010 Open House & Mortgage Burning Celebration Video
08 Sep2010 Design Preview
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New stove update! We expect our new, larger stove to be available in the first quarter of 2011. We're not taking orders yet, but........ We do know it will have a 6 inch convertible flue collar (top vent or rear vent). Our early design, seen below, was created by Vance Smith. Vance and Al ..
26 Aug2010 Our New Hybrid Stove. So Far...
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For all of you who have been patiently waiting for news, any news, about the planned addition to our line of soapstone stoves, we are excited to bring you some early information about what’s been going on in our R & D lab! And for any of you who haven’t heard, we’ve been working long and hard..
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