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18 Mar2016 Outdoor Air Quality vs Indoor Air Quality. What is the difference?
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The short answer is that there is no difference.  Outdoor Air becomes Indoor Air.  Most of us spend more time indoors than out, so the quality of Indoor Air is just as important as Outdoor Air.  Perhaps even more. A lot of people don’t give much thought to Outdoor Air Quality.  We at Woodstock Soap..
16 Mar2016 Q&A about Hybrid Stoves
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As a factory direct company, we get calls everyday with customers asking questions about our hybrid technology. If you are curious about hybrid technology but have not called, please read our Q&A addressing some of the most commonly asked questions, and be sure to comment below if you have a que..
02 Mar2016 R2Z Detour: Introducing Our First Test Stove
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As we noted in an earlier post, we are taking a slight detour in our Race to Zero.  We are testing older stoves made in the 1970s and 1980s.  Stoves which were made with little technology to reduce emissions or improve efficiency. Huntsman Stove - Before the Makeover Our first test stove is a “Hu..
22 Feb2016 R2Z Detour: Once There was a Thought...
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In the beginning, there was a thought, and that thought grew into an idea, which became a project. And that was good.  We here at Woodstock Soapstone are always creating, tinkering and thinking outside the firebox.  There are a lot of old woodstoves still in service that predate EPA regulations...
18 Feb2016 A Visit to the Factory
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A recent visitor to our factory graced our facebook page with a beautiful collage of pictures taken during a tour.  You can view the page here. We are thrilled our visitors shared their pictures.  We thought we would take a moment to share them with you, and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. If..
15 Feb2016 Baby It’s Cold Outside!  Optimize Your Wood Stove Experience
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The temperatures have dropped and it is freezing outside!  At least it is where we are.  This is when it is especially important to optimize your wood stove, to get maximum heat and enjoyment for minimal wood usage. To really get the utmost benefits from your Woodstock Soapstone Stove, it is import..
10 Feb2016 What's Cooking?
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When there is a major storm in the forecast, it means many of us may loose our electricity.  This is when it is very, very nice to have a Woodstock Soapstone Stove.  Water can be heated on a wood stove, but I can also cook dinner on my wood stove.  This is a wonderful thing, especially when the powe..
01 Feb2016 Oops! We Stand Corrected!
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A welcome correction (0.5 g/hr emissions!) is more good news. We initially reported a weighted average emission (the number the EPA reports) of 0.7 g/hr.  An error was made.  Our weighted average emission is actually 0.5 g/hr. This is, of course, very good news!  Results of individual runs and ..
29 Jan2016 Absolute Steal of a Deal
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We are celebrating the introduction of our new Absolute Steel Hybrid’s arrival onto our website by offering a huge discount to our customers. Check out our website for all of the wonderful details regarding the new Absolute Steel Hybrid stove and the big introductory sale now in progress. When y..
26 Jan2016 Meet the Winner of the Absolute Steel Hybrid
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John Rahill, Winner of the Absolute Steel Hybrid John Rahill is the winner of our Absolute Steel Hybrid Drawing.  When we first spoke with John, he thought we were making it up, and was not sure of the win.  His friends mentioned they read about him winning the Absolute Steel Stove, which warm..
22 Jan2016 Celebrating the Free Absolute Steel Hybrid Drawing!
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We are celebrating the big drawing today!  The survey has closed, the ratings have been tallied and the comments have been read.  We greatly appreciate your time, effort and your opinions towards our Absolute Steel Hybrid. Drum Roll Please........ The winner of the Absolute Steel Hybrid St..
21 Jan2016 New Design Survey Results, Comments and Suggestions
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As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, we have tallied the results of our New Design Survey and the top three are: “Au Naturel,” the “Cottage,” and the “Prairie,” in that order. In reviewing the comments, we were surprised and intrigued by the spectrum of  opinions and ideas.  Some folks felt the de..
20 Jan2016 Results of the New Stove Design Survey
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The preliminary results are in from our Design Survey.  We want to thank everyone who participated.  We appreciate you taking the time to share your opinions and comments.  Almost 600 people ranked and commented on our proposed designs, with over 1,800 comments.  This was a very, very helpful proces..
19 Jan2016 Our New Stove Passes EPA Testing – With Ease!
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Our newest Hybrid wood stove (now known as the Absolute Steel Hybrid) passed the EPA testing with flying colors.  The EPA standard, expected no later than 2020, is for a residential wood stove to have a weighted average of approximately 2.0 g/hr.   Our new Absolute Steel Hybrid passed the test at ap..
11 Jan2016 Tax Credit Opportunity
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Not everyone looks forward to tax time, but we have GOOD NEWS!  The Federal Government is providing an opportunity for you to receive a tax credit of  $300.00 for wood burning stoves purchased and installed in a primary residence.  The credit is retroactive for 2015 purchases and installation..
06 Jan2016 Race to Zero:  EPA Testing Underway
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Exciting News!  Our Commander-in-Chief, Tom Morrissey, has been in Quebec, Canada, testing our newest steel hybrid for EPA certification and UL listing. The first of the EPA testing, the high burn test, went very well (data coming soon).  Another EPA test is on the calendar for tomorrow, and ..
18 Dec2015 New Design Preview: Modified Designs
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We are still working on our designs and changes to our beta designs. Thanks to everyone who responded to our Design Preview and Survey!We had almost 600 surveys and over 1700 comments so far on our beta designs. The Tall Shaker design has elicited the most number of comments and questions. Based on ..
15 Dec2015 New Hybrid Dimensions and Specifications
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These are projected dimensions and specifications for our new steel hybrid.  They won’t change much, but as noted below don’t build a hearth or install a chimney thimble based on these specifications.  EPA testing is scheduled to begin in 3 weeks, with UL testing (clearances) following immediately t..
03 Dec2015 Cordwood High Burn Test Data
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Below is data from 2 Cordwood High Burns (which followed the Cordwood Cold Starts on 11/24 and 11/27 – see previous posts).  These are R & D Tests.Each load was about 25 lbs. (in a 2.5 cu. ft. firebox).  The fuel was all Hard Maple with average moisture content of 22%.The 11/24 High Burn started whe..
01 Dec2015 Answers to questions about cold starts
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Here are answers to a few of the questions asked about our cold start post:1. Are you using special kindling or fire-starter?No, we generally use the same hemlock 1x4s that we use to crate stoves.  We get the same results if we split test wood (+ 22% moisture maple) into kindling and shavings, but t..
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