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30 Nov2015 Cordwood Cold Start Test Data
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We have shared “beta” aesthetic designs for our new hybrid, and we also plan to share “beta” test results for those who are interested.  This is the first of what will be several posts about beta emissions/efficiency testing for our new (and still nameless) Model 211 Hybrid, which is scheduled for E..
20 Nov2015 New Stove Design Preview
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Form & Function! As a wood stove manufacturer it has always been important for us to produce stoves that will perform year after year to keep you warm, as well as compliment the home. The wood stove is often a central fixture and the majority of our customers want a design that will look good all ye..
18 Nov2015 2015 Owners Open House
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Thank you to all of our stove owners, over 500 of you, who attended our 11/7/15 Owners Open House. We served over 450 lunches, had John & Ida Mae Specker performing live music, and had an all around wonderful time connecting with stove owners. We certainly hope everyone that joined us had a great ti..
30 Oct2015 We’re making our own furnace cement!
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We recently started making our own furnace cement.  It has been interesting learning to mix a highly viscous material (almost 500,000 centipoise; water is 1 cps) and then fill caulking tubes, but Yankee Ingenuity has prevailed.  Our unique ingredients are soapstone powder, and very small strands of ..
28 Oct2015 More Open House Notes
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Open House 2015 (Saturday, November 7) is just over a week away, and we are really looking forward to getting together with owners and having a good time, and getting reactions to our newest stove design(s).   We have made all of the food and beverage arrangements, and the food will be excellent.Joh..
27 Oct2015 Table Scraps #4: Acorn and Oak Leaf Tools
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For the October Steal of the Month we made tools with an Acorn & Oak Leaf handle, which you see below:The tools have an Acorn & Oak Leaf tool hanger, which snaps onto the side of the Ideal Steel Hybrid...
27 Oct2015 Keeping an Eye on Fuel Costs
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In our area, pellet prices have drifted up from an average of $250/ton to about $300/ton, and the price for #2 fuel oil has dropped from about $3.25 to approximately $2.25 per gallon.It's always worth keeping an eye on fuel costs. Up until late last year, it was much less expensive to heat with pell..
23 Oct2015 Inside the Race to Zero Stove- Part 1
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Our Goal:  Flatline EmissionsThe race to zero has begun.  Wood stove emissions are measured in grams per hour of particulates at different burn rates (low, medium, and high).  As a general rule, all stoves have higher emissions at higher burn rates.  The more BTUs per hour a stove produces, the more..
23 Oct2015 Race to Zero T-Shirt
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Every worthwhile mission deserves a T-Shirt. Our "Race to Zero" T-shirt is pictured below. For owners who attend our November 7th Open House and let us know by using the RSVP button below, there will be a free T-shirt waiting...
19 Oct2015 October STEAL of the Month!
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 Every month we plan to feature select Ideal Steel Hybrid designs for a special "Steal of the Month".The month of October features an autumnal theme of Apples & Acorns. Customers who order the "Steal of the Month" get a set of the featured art FREE as well as a package deal which includes an ash pan..
15 Oct2015 Open House for Owners!
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Dear Woodstock Owner,We hope you will join us on November 7, 2015 to help us celebrate 37 years in business, to enjoy a pig roast and some local craft beer, and to take a look at our newest hybrid woodstove, which is our latest and, we hope, most successful attempt to produce an affordable zero-emis..
15 Oct2015 Zero Woodstove Emissions... Is It Possible?
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We believe it is possible (scientifically and mathematically) to produce a zero emissions woodstove.  Not “zero” in the absolute sense, but with emissions that are so low that they are negligible, both in a test lab setting and more importantly in the “real world”.On November 7, 2015, we will introd..
25 Aug2015 Our August Steal of the Month ends next Monday!
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Time is running out on our August Steal of the Month. Order by next Monday, August 31, and get all this:An Award-Winning Ideal Steel Hybrid woodstove with record setting 82% efficiency and low 1.0 g/hr emissions.Totally Free Owl art, see 3 choices at right, (click here to visit full design book). Wo..
17 Aug2015 Table Scraps #3: Owl Tool Holder
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Oops!  We almost forgot to mention that there is an Ideal Steel tool holder for the Owl tools.The tool holder hooks into the side of the Ideal Steel Hybrid, and has three holes and two hooks.  It’s deep enough to put your coffee cup on for a few minutes while you rake the ashes.Owl tool holder with ..
13 Aug2015 Table Scraps #2:  Fireplace Tools
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When we cut sheets of steel, there is sometimes a strip of metal along the edge that we can’t fully utilize.  So, long and narrow fireplace tools fit perfectly!  With our Ideal Steal of the Month, we introduced our first fireplace tools - the Owl Poker, Shovel, and Rake.We make the 3 dimensional too..
08 Aug2015 We're going to the dogs...
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We’ve always been a dog-friendly business, and there have always been (quiet, well-behaved) dogs who come to work with their owners.  So we totally understand why some of our customers want to memorialize their dogs on their stoves.  Seems like a good idea to us, too.  In today’s mail, we got a pict..
23 Jun2015 Table Scraps #1: Beautiful Scrap
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We are probably the only stove company with both a laser and a waterjet to cut metal, and staff artists to create designs for our customers.  Not every design creates beautiful scrap, but many do.When we cut a leaf, for example, the veins fall out, and the rusted scrap looks like dogwood. (see below..
12 Jun2015 Company Profile: Johnny Laser & Big Orange
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Ever driven a Ferrari? Johnny Laser drives one least one that cuts metal.  Since October 2014, Woodstock’s factory floor has been graced by Big Orange, a metal-cutting laser, and it’s been performing its high-speed duties ever since. This machine can cut 4’x8’ sheets of steel in 15-60 ..
05 Jun2015 Veteran Profile: The Wonders of Willy Jane
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We are not the Armed Forces here at Woodstock Soapstone, but we do have a Golden Arm “force” named Willy Jane Patry. If you’ve ever heard the saying “good things come in small packages”, you’d apply this directly to her and then say it’s an understatement. At 5’ 1” and just over 100lbs. this woman i..
29 May2015 Burning with Patriotic Pride:
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A toaster... a lamp, hairbrush, a car...when was the last time you bought something that was all-American made? It’s a fact that manufacturing in the United States has waned over the past few decades BUT there are exciting stories of companies like Woodstock Soapstone who are firing-up the old Yanke..
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