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11 Mar2019 Stove Stories: Navajo Dual Fuel Hybrid & Survival Hybrid Wood Stove
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Navajo Dual-Fuel Hybrid Stove & Survival Hybrid Wood Stove A Story of Great Challenge & RewardThe story of Navajo & Survival Hybrid stoves had a fascinating start with the design and development of a clean burning, small, dual fuel stove for use on the Navajo Nation at the Four Corners of New Mexico..
12 Feb2019 Happy February
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Everyone knows February is the month to celebrate love and here at Woodstock Soapstone Company love burns brightly every day in more ways than one!For over 40 years now Woodstock Soapstone has been passionate about the design and manufacturing of comforting and affordable wood heat. This month’s Ide..
06 Jul2018 Hot Buzz in the Summertime
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It’s summertime, and the air is alive with all kinds of buzzing.  People are buzzing about this month’s Ideal Steel Steal of the Month, it’s the stuff legends are made of.  Our theme this month is the Dragonfly, one of the favorite harbingers of summer.  The Dragonfly has many names; mosquito ..
08 Jun2018 Hot Diggity
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2018 is the year of the Dog, according to the ancient Chinese Zodiac Calendar. For our Steal of the Month for June, we are celebrating these loyal friends with a dog inspired theme. Young or old, large or small, dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years and loyal companions for almost..
10 May2018 Harmony and Balance
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Our lives are filled with meaningful symbols.  Some are universally recognized and handed down through the generations.  Harmony and Balance Side Medallion One of the most widely known symbols, known for harmony and balance is the Yin Yang.  According to yin yang philosophy, the universe and ..
09 Apr2018 Arbor Day!
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Arbor Day is a day celebrated around the world to commemorate the importance of trees, by planting some.  The first U.S. Arbor Day was in April 1872, originating in Nebraska.   Arbor Day Side Medallion This month we are celebrating Arbor Day at Woodstock Soapstone by adorning our Ideal Steel Hyb..
04 Apr2018 News Update: Navajo Stove Project
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News Update - Navajo Stove Project Below is a brief video interview with our Navajo Beta tester Robert Owen, from mid March, 2018.  Robert is one of our Navajo beta testers whose stove was installed this January, 2018.   It’s a little bit unclear in the video, but in the six weeks between his i..
10 Mar2018 The Luck of the Irish
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We are bringing you the luck of the Irish with our March Steal of the Month design set.  Shamrocks and four-leaf clovers adorn our Ideal Steel Hybrid wood stove this month.  Lucky is the owner of this award-winning hybrid wood stove! Shamrocks and four-leaf clovers have been legendary for centuri..
14 Feb2018 Tax Credit for 2017 Stove Purchase
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For those of you who purchased, and installed, a Woodstock Soapstone Co. wood stove in 2017 - we have good news! The very popular residential “Home Energy Tax Credit” for Energy Star certified improvements which had expired, was retroactively restored for 2017. The amount of the tax credit for a..
09 Feb2018 It's Seed Catalogue Time!
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The thrill of getting the first seed catalogue in the mail! Gardeners have historically heralded the arrival of garden catalogues in February. The arrival of the catalogues in their mailboxes signals the proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel”- yes, there will be Spring! The practice of going ..
19 Jan2018 Photos of the Newest Stove - The Survival
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Survival Stove in the Lodge Motif  Our newest woodstove, the SURVIVAL Hybrid, is on sale through  January 31st for just $1299. It is available in the two designs pictured here, the Survival “Orchard” and the Survival “Lodge” with a variety of accent colors for the artwork.  More information is..
18 Jan2018 Final Reflections on the Installation for the Hogan
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Will, explaining to dad how to have a smoke-free start-up and how to operate the stove, and Robert (dad), teaching Will  about the Four Sacred Mountains. Yá’át’ééh (Hello in Navajo), We’ve posted about our recent installation in a Navajo Hogan several times. We feel a real kinshi..
15 Jan2018 Winter Is for Skating!
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Winter can be full of fun with winter sports such as skating. Oh, the thrill of gliding across the ice with the chilly air sweeping past your face; the glory of steel blades under your feet as you fly across the frozen pond. There is a lot to love about ice-skating in the winter. Sometimes refe..
13 Jan2018 Navajo Nation Project Update!
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Navajo Hogan It’s gratifying to make a difference! On Friday, January 12th, our team visited the Navajo hogan where they had installed a stove on Wednesday.  The stove was burning away merrily in the center of the hogan.  Outside, there was no smoke coming out of the stack.  A clean burn! But ..
11 Jan2018 More Photos of the Navajo Nation Project
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Contemporary Hogan Home We are getting towards the end of the first week of the first round of installing the Navajo Stoves.  We are replacing the stoves that were left there last March for beta testing. These are photos from Tuesday’s demonstration installation near Window Rock, Arizona.  The..
29 Dec2017 The Navajo Stoves are in Transit!
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Our first shipment of Navajo Stoves are shipping today.  We are replacing last year’s Navajo beta stoves with the first production stoves made after EPA certification and UL listing.Here are a few photos of these stoves on their way to being crated for shipment.  We like the Navajo colors!  A few me..
21 Dec2017 Introducing the Survival Stove!
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Dear Friends,       Hello and Holiday Greetings from all of us at Woodstock Soapstone Company!  We are approaching our 40th year of making the highest quality wood and gas burning stoves, and are now proud to be debuting our newest hybrid that adds a “little spark” to our already stellar line-up.   ..
12 Dec2017 Winter is in the Air
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We can smell winter in the air- can you? Pine trees, cinnamon, wood smoke and snow, these are all smells we associate with winter.  Outside, the newly fallen snow is clinging to pine branches, and inside wood stoves are keeping us cozy and warm.  Winter is definitely here.Side MedallionWinter smells..
28 Nov2017 Meet the New Survival Stove
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Survival Stove - The OrchardFor the last 14 months, we’ve been working vigorously to develop a small hybrid wood and coal stove for the Navajo Nation - a stove that is clean, efficient and inexpensive.  The development of that stove is finished, and we’ll begin shipping Navajo Stoves to the Navajo r..
15 Nov2017 ...Through The Wood...
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“ Over the River and Through the Wood” is a famous line from “The New-England Boy’s Song about Thanksgiving Day”.  The poem was originally published in the book “Flowers for Children”, depicting a story about a family riding in a sleigh on their way toSide PanelGrandfather’s house for a Thanksgiving..
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